Podcast Episode 4 – Human Design, Simplified: Everything You Need To Know About This Unique Blueprint Of Your Life!

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This isn’t an interview- it’s a masterclass! Katie Calder is in the house today giving us an in-depth explanation of what human design is, how to use it on yourself, how to analyze your design, and how to use the information you discover to step into your most authentic self! Human design is your blueprint to unveil who you are as a unique individual, how you respond to people and situations, and strategies to lead a life that makes you feel completely empowered.

Show Notes:

Starting at 51 seconds: What exactly human design is, and how it works.

Starting at 2 minutes: What you need in order to figure out your own human design.

Your unique design is based on your birth time, your birthday and location. Your design doesn’t change and it will never change. Your design is a chart of different geometric shapes, symbols and information that gives you a peek into what your purpose is, how to fulfill it and all these potentials.

It also gives you a strategy on how to best move forward with life, how to communicate with people, and all these in depth strategies on how you can best make decisions. 

Human design doesn’t just tell you who you are, it gives you a way to use that information to step forward so that you can evolve and step into your most authentic self.

Human design also gives you a peek into where you may have conditioned away from it based on how society expected you to be. This is called the not-self. This is what is not true to you. This gives you a peek inside “oh wait, this isn’t really me”. So it gives you an opportunity to learn what you need to do to truly step into your true self. 

Starting at 5:53 – How to generate your own human design and how to read your own design. Below are some free websites that can generate human design results:




Starting at 10:35- How understanding your human design helps you

Starting at 18:30- Understanding everything you need to know about Human Design.

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