Podcast Episode 4: What it takes to launch & market boutique e-commerce within the wellness space by Suiheart Club founders: Tori of MTV’s The Challenge & Holistic Expert, Vira

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In this week’s episode I’m speaking with the founders of Suiheart Club, Tori of MTV’s The Challenge and Holistic Guru Vira. These gals are dishing on what it takes to launch & market boutique e-commerce within the wellness space. You will learn the steps it takes to establish a boutique online shop, how to plan your initial investment, and how to dominate influencer marketing to grow your brand. Vira & Tori are also sharing how they balance entrepreneurship with their own wellness path: an inside look inside their fitness and wellness routines and so much more. Check out all the episode notes below!

On what lead to Suiheart club:

Scrolling through Instagram can be draining. Sometimes it sucks the life out of you instead of finding uplifting content. So we decided to make an account that serves the purpose to provide a space that followers look at as something good to look forward to in everyday, and that inspires everyone.

On the action steps it took to build their business:

  • Really plan it out before you step forward with it: You need to love every aspect of your business. If you’re making money off products, save it and reinvest. Don’t spend your profits. If you’re getting into selling products, expect to not make much in profits for at least the first few months – this money should be put back into your business to help you grow even more.
  • We only invested 1k into our business initially, so there wasn’t much start up costs and we’ve relied on the strength of our community to make it happen. 

You can make an e-commerce brand happen with 500-1000 dollars if you have a vision and you’re willing to work your but off. You’re in a space where communication is viable and partnerships can happen, it just requires energy and consistent effort.

On their top marketing strategies:

  • Have real conversations. People overlook having real conversations – it may not convert to sale in 5 min but it will eventually. You get to know people and create shared experiences.
  • You need to be engaging constantly and create a sense of community over just being a product. On the other side of Instagram is the beauty and community of Instagram – true sense of social media is sharing. It brings like-minded people together and can be very collaborative when you can find others that lift each other up.

Their words of wisdom to fellow entrepreneurs:

These days it’s easier to connect as individual as a proud owner. Get comfortable with speaking on camera and be natural and create enough content of you and your product will create trust. 

If you have a partner, separate out your roles and responsibilities. Come to an understanding of what each person is doing – this helps prevent each other from tipping over each others feet – it allows you to trust that your partner is taking ownership of their domaine. 

Don’t be afraid to outsource: Take half of your revenue and put it towards something that you can’t do yourself that will help your business. 

Additional episode content topics:

On their fitness routines: Starting at 12:45

On their dieting routines: Starting at 14:38

On creating lists and priorities for preventing burnout: Starting at 15min

How to filter wellness “noise” on social media: Starting at 17:30

On their non-negotiable food principles: Starting at 19:40

Make sure to Checkout Suiheart Club and their conscious offerings, and to give them a follow on Instagram.

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