Need To Wind Down At Night? These Massage Techniques Help Release Melatonin

massage techniques to release melatonin

Massage is a method that has been used for hundreds of years to help with sleep, pain, soreness, and many other ailments.  It’s also known to ease stress and other emotional factors without the use of medicine.  It releases melatonin, which is a hormone that helps stabilize your sleep.  Here are some self-massage methods you can try yourself, as well as some of the most popular massages that can release melatonin to help you wind down for bedtime. 

Self-Massage Techniques That Help Release Melatonin

Not everyone may have the time or budget for weekly massages, but there are some things you can do to ease soreness and release melatonin for a better night’s sleep.

  • Self-Massage Your Neck – cross your left arm over to reach your right shoulder, with your palm resting on top of your shoulder.  Using your thumb knuckle, press against the neck muscle and slowly rotate your neck and head while doing so.  Release and then use your fingers to massage your back muscle where it lies between the spine and shoulder blade.  Switch arms and repeat until you feel the desired effects.
  • Rest Your Feet – Our feet constantly take a beating, so here is an effective way to massage them:  Using a golf ball, sit down and place one foot on top of the ball where the arch of your foot is.  Using however much pressure you desire, roll your foot back and forth in the arch area over the ball.  Roll your entire foot back and forth over the ball, and then focus on the heel area with the ball for a total foot massage.
  • Relax that Back – Back pain is one of the most common issues for people.  Using a tennis ball, place it under your back as you lie facing up.  Move your body back and forth so that the tennis ball rolls under you and along your back in the desired areas.  This will help release tension and work out any knots you may have.  Rollers are also on the market today and are used for the same desired effects of self-massage.

Self-massaging techniques may not be as powerful as massages from a certified masseuse, but they help release melatonin, help you relax, and will ease some tension and soreness.

Swedish Massage

Swedish massages are among the most popular types that you can get.  This massage uses less pressure than the deep-tissue massages.  It stimulates the surface of the skin and muscles through soothing kneading and stroking of the top layer of tissues and muscles.  This is also great for boosting circulation and is one of the most desired massages.

Deep Tissue Massage

This type of massage involves more pressure to reach the inner parts of the muscles and tissues.  This involves some hard pressing by the masseuse, but many report that after the massage they feel completely relaxed and their muscles were less sore and painful.  This massage also helps release melatonin which will promote better sleep at night.

Sports Massages

This type of massage is achieved through multiple strokes to an injured area.  It stimulates blood flow which can repair damaged areas faster.  It also soothes the pain and soreness one might feel from an injury.  This too releases melatonin which will help the individual sleep better, especially if there has been pain associated with the injury.

The wonderful thing about massages is that they help the blood circulate which not only prevents injury; it can also help heal one.  As many already know, stress and anxiety also seamlessly dissipate after receiving one. You will feel more relaxed physically and mentally.  Whether it’s self- massage or one done by a professional they, will help you sleep better and feel better too.

Bio: Sarah, the author of Relax Everyday, wants everyone to learn the benefits of massages, relaxation, and meditation. By sharing what she knows, she hopes more people will achieve a healthier and relaxed mind and body.


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