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Leah With Her General Manager: Regi


If you read yesterday’s article, you can see that Leah knows  what she is talking about! Leah shared her beauty secrets, career advice, and inspiring story. Today we are going to dive more into her world and will dish on what amazing things you will experience once you step foot into her skin center and boutique. Her philosophy is all about natural care, and getting the results you want without the surgery or injections.

Before we got started with my treatments, I asked Leah more about her services and locations.



What is your approach With Clients?

Leah: I always want to make the experience very interactive, like a partnership. I’ll ask what your goals are with your skin and where you are  with your diet, lifestyle, and hormones, because that all encompasses your skin. You need to know what relationship you want with your skin. As you get older, that’s when you notice things like sunspots, fine lines, and wrinkles  so its so important to establish a good relationship with your skin.  All my products I buy for myself and use for myself, I share with clients.  I will never sell anything here that I know doesn’t work, because I use them all myself. I’m not going to invest my money on products and equipment if I don’t think they are the best. I use all my facial products on my whole body because since your skin is largest organ, it  is the same on your legs and arms as it is on your face. I use toner all over my body and it’s made huge difference in softness and texture. I care for my body with the same respect as I do with my face and I notice a huge difference.



What sets you apart from other skincare centers?

Leah: I’ve done my research!  I know my product lines,  I’m a big ingredient reader, I’m very holistic, I keep things organic and natural, and I’m all about 100% clean minerals. We  have  love boxes from Topa Tate , and special oils and candles that really sets the mood. Another thing we do is have clients take their shoes off and put on slippers when they arrive because it makes them give up an element of control and takes them into a state of being vulnerable, aside from feeling  pampered and cozy!  

All of our  employees who work the front desk are estheticians, so they all rotate with working services.  We all know all the aspects of running both locations;  inventory,  sales, all about the  skin, to customer service, and being able to service a guest. 

facial pilates
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What cutting edge services do you offer?

Leah: Definitely our facial pilates.  It’s so amazing, I discovered this technique  in New York, but it originated  in Paris, from our french line Biologique Recherche . We are the only ones in the Midwest that have it.  You can view it as a  muscle activation system. It is similar to when you  go to the chiropractor and they put those muscle stem packs on your back. It is basically a  bio electric current.   We use two sponges with a little roller, and we start above the breast all the way to the hairline. It’s a series of motions and pumping so it actually helps lymphatic drainage, sculpts facial muscles, and tightens the skin. We do 10-15 min. per side of your face. You really will  feel like you have had something done! If you do it enough your muscles will retain the memory and it will keep the lift.  You can also do facial fitness exercises at home as well! 




Time To Talk Services:

First, Leah directed me to her treatment room and got to work! She cleansed my skin and got rid of all makeup dirt and impurities followed by an uber relaxing mini neck massage. She then did a treatment called Dermaplaning, which exfoliates the epidermis and gets rid of all peach fuzz.  She showed me the dead skin that came off with one swift brush, and I was amazed! My skin instantly felt soft and smooth, but it wasn’t over yet.


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Laser Therapy.

Leah used two different laser treatments on me after the exfoliation. The first was a Laser Genesis treatment that stimulates growth of collagen, gets deep to blast bacteria away in blemishes, improves wrinkles, minimizes pores, evens skin tone and reduces redness.   Leah warned that there could be some pinching sensations, but it didn’t hurt me personally. I actually like it when I can feel a treatment tingling or prickling my skin! The second laser treatment she used on me was a Laser Titan treatment that just heats up the top layer of your skin with infrared light. This tightens and sculpts.



Circ-cell Advanced Skin Care Infusion Therapy.

This treatment was used to create tiny little micro-channels in my face so that the stem cells she was going to use on me would really soak in and do its job. She used a device that felt just like the dermaplaning (gentle scraping on my skin – no irritations at all). She uses this device with various treatments so that the following products will deeply penetrate. The point of this treatment is to build skin density, bring vitality to the surface, and allow other treatments to really soak into the skin.

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DNA CryoStem Therapy

Leah Chavie Skincare boutique is the only skincare center that carries this treatment in the Midwest. It is extremely exclusive, and extremely effective. It is from organic cow stem cells, and is taken from the embryonic fluid from the first trimester of a pregnancy. But do not worry!! No animals are hurt during this process, embryonic fluid has to be extracted either way to ensure proper growth of the calf.

The stem cells prompt the renewal of skin cells, and rejuvenates, protects, tightens and tones.  She warned not to touch my face for the rest of the day, since any bacteria can kill the cells which will result in an ineffective treatment.  This was the last facial treatment she did: she just massaged it in and let it sit so that it could soak in and do its work!


Final Touches: Oxygen therapy

She sprayed a gentle stream of pure oxygen all over my face which increases the great texture of my skin and reduces fine lines. This was a pleasant final touch, and it smelled great!


Last But Not Least: The Thermojet – Spanish Infrared Body Wrap

This service is available in her Skin Boutique.  This body wrap lasts for about 45 minutes, and is great if you want to burn extra calories, reduce the appearance of cellulite, and detox your body! It helps with lymphatic drainage and circulation, and really tightens everything up! I noticed the biggest difference about 3 days after. The process is very soothing as well. There are heated wraps that go around each thigh, each arm, and stomach, and they all heat up. Near the end you’re a sweaty mess, but it feels like an ultra luxurious sauna visit, without dying in the heat. This really completed the visit and made the whole experience very zen.

Inside Leah’s Skin Boutique


Total Results:

The next day my skin was beyond glowing, tight, and has literally never felt softer! After about 5 days my body felt so light and energized, any cellulite that was evident seemed to have been sucked away, and I had an all over general glow about me. I do not think my skin has ever felt this great after a facial. Her treatments have truly done wonders for my skin, and almost three weeks later I can still tell a difference. Any blemishes have subsided, my all over texture is smooth, and I feel like my skin needed the extra TLC to give it the boost it needs!


Little Goodies:

I left with  a Lip Benefits gloss from Leah’s line; It is infused with cranberry and anti-oxidants so it plumps and nourishes, and has an addicting smell; I apply it probably every hour! You can find it at her two locations, and soon online.

Goodies: Passport To Leah, Lip Benefits Gloss, and Lip Satin


Final Words With Leah: What do you have in store for us in the future?

Leah: I have new and exciting ventures in the works! Our online store should be up n rolling soon, there are so many products!  That should be moving forward in march as well as introducing our private label skin care line this spring/summer. Our skin care line is here, so we are really working on bringing that forward to the press.  Oh! And my 5 year plan: take over the building next to me to transform it into a wellness center.  I want to do an apothecary type of center with high end skin care, nails, wellness services like personal training and sunless tanning.    I still want all my locations  close to each other because  we bounce off each other all day long.

I also want to collaborate with Etiquette Femme! She does etiquette classes for us;  how to sell, how to work with each other, and we just did one recently that included setting goals for ourselves and communicating with co -workers.  I would love to offer different classes at our center once a month; etiquette,   makeup application, or how to achieve the perfect brow. The brainstorming ideas are endless! 

Inside The Skin Boutique


Leah is one woman that definitely inspires! After reading this you should want to  achieve a new goal, or to take on a new business venture.  Leah’s  story and her genuine passion for what she does is hard to come by and I know that she will find more and more success with her drive and expertise! I am so excited to see what will become of her beauty empire! If you would like to make an appointment with Leah, please visit her website. 

You can also follow her on Twitter and Facebook, so keep updated on all her new adventures in conquering the beauty world!

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