Affirmations to Spring Clean Your Soul

Nature is speaking to us in a voice too loud to ignore with the changing seasons. Human nature is the same. We each have a period of renewal and our growth must not be ignored. Just as we identify the changes we can see around us by naming them, we too need to identify our changes. Soul Naming is a powerful tool to allow you to understand and embrace your profound existence. Not only does our home and health need a good Spring cleaning, our soul could use one too.

Ways to Spring Clean Your Soul.

  • REMOVE DOUBTS: Eliminate questions about who you are or what you value. You already know these things and other people’s uniqueness have tried to change your own. Do not doubt your self or your values.


  •  EMBRACE YOUR UNIQUENESS: You are special and different and that’s good! There is a reason we are given the talents and struggles that are individual. Your uniqueness is not only powerful, it is valuable.


  • WITNESS OTHERS: Your profound being cannot exist alone, others must also be valued for who they are. By embracing others and their journeys, you can heal your soul in immensely powerful ways.


  •  CHOOSE WISELY: As human beings, we are the only species who can choose to ignore or embrace our instincts and desires. Ignoring those deep rumblings of self can be harmful, but choosing to embrace your real soul identity brings more to you than you could plan.


  • GET DEEP: Cleaning only the surface of any thing does not work for long-term preservation. Your soul cannot just be dusted off every so often. Take time to really listen to your self and allow your name to resonate within you.
I hope that you take these tips to heart, and soul, and allow yourself to be who you are. Anytime that you are unsure of yourself or if what you feel is right, please remember that you are a carbon-based miracle of nature simply waiting to explode with your unique brilliance. You are profound, you have relevance, and you are profoundly relevant. Do not allow others to judge you for a façade, allow your soul to shine through. 


about the author:


Melanie is a bringer of truth, love, and wisdom. She has always been a provocateur, daring people to be courageous, deepen their consciousness and cultivate their wisdom on the road of life. Melanie has traveled the globe bringing the freedom that courages gives. Working in Wuxi, China, speaking at TEDx venues in Vienna and Vancouver, Melanie is enlightens audiences to their shared humanity. “We Belong to One Another” Education She received a Master of Arts in Asian Economic Development and Political Risk at Dominican University (CA). Taking her business acumen to the people, Melanie served the public in several nonprofits and co-created the first youth credit union (staffed completely by youth) in Northern California. She trained as professional coach at The Coaches Training Institute, upon completion of training she was selected to teach for them. 


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