7 Summer Nutrition Tips to Maintain Your Health in Warm Weather


When spring sets in, the human body naturally prepares to cleanse itself of accumulated toxins and excessive weight gain from the winter months. As we all know there is little activity in the course of winter and as a result, we are prone to weight gain. We are also prone to accumulating toxins as the cold temperatures inhibit active elimination of toxic wastes from our body. This removal process can be sped up based on our nutritional habits and diet as warm weather begins. It should be taken as a rule of thumb to select foods that speed up the activities of the liver and kidney which will aid elimination of metabolic waste. So, below you will find our summer nutrition tips that  will keep our body healthy as the warm weather sets in.

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1. Garlic

Garlic is packed with nutritional benefits. Based on scientific evidence, garlic has been found to have enzymes that detoxify toxins that accumulate in the body during cold seasons. It therefore improves the detoxification process in the liver and boosts general body health. Its action is not only necessary to the liver, its protective properties are important in detoxifying toxins present in the kidneys to maintain proper functioning.


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  1. Lemon

We need to know that our aim is to cleanse the body of accumulated toxins. Lemons are an essential nutritional component that contain flavonoids which help reduce oxidative stress in the liver, and protect against tissue damage. Our body is subjected to oxidative stress as a result of accumulated toxic metabolites such as alcohol and toxic mold. Dietary lemons protect against the accumulation of such substances.


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  1. Beets

Studies reveal that beets relieve the body from oxidative stress and alcohol induced damage. The liver is known to produce antioxidant enzymes namely superoxide dismutase and glutathione. These enzymes take part in the breakdown of accumulated toxic metabolites in the body. Beets increase the synthesis of these major enzymes of the liver thereby speeding up the elimination of metabolic poison that might have accumulated in the liver.


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  1. Radishes

This delicacy is rich in antioxidants that are vital components of a healthy body. Biochemically, our body needs antioxidants to eliminate reactive oxygen species that accumulate in the body, which promotes cancer development. Black radish has beneficial properties to the liver and gall bladder. It increases the production of detoxification enzymes in the liver and also prevents the formation of gallstones.


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  1. Citrus Fruits

During warm weather, some infectious diseases thrive and therefore we need to boost our immune system to counter the conditions. Our diet needs to contain foods rich in vitamin C, which significantly increases the production of white blood cells that form the primary line of defense for the body against disease causing pathogens. Citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C and, therefore, helps to boost our immune system to protect us against infectious diseases such as malaria in the tropical regions and dengue fever.


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  1.  Almonds

The need to boost our immune system during warm weather dictates that we consume a lot of vitamins. Vitamin E is vital to the functioning of the immune system, and as we have already seen, most infectious diseases and respiratory diseases are spread in warm weather. Therefore, we need to have a healthy immune system at that point and time to counter these conditions. For vitamin E to be absorbed, it requires essential fats to be able to pass across the phospholipid bilayer of the cell membranes. These essential fats are present in Almonds and, therefore, increased intake of Almonds increases the absorption of vitamin E, thus boosting the immune system capacity to fight invading pathogens.


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  1. Turmeric 

This food component has long been used both in traditional medicine and modern medicine due to its high anti-inflammatory properties. They help in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis that are respiratory diseases that are likely to arise in warm weather.



In summary, it is important to ensure that we consume a diet  rich in all the essential food components during warm weather, since pathogens during this season can be active.  Therefore, most pathogenic diseases are likely to arise at this time due to favorable conditions. Additionally toxic wastes that have accumulated in our body during the cold season needs to be eliminated to restore normal cellular functions, which is why it’s crucial to consume antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.





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