The 2015 Balanced Babe Gift Guide is Here!

2015 healthy holiday gift guide

Where did this year go?! I feel like just yesterday I celebrated Christmas Eve drinking (spiked) eggnog and laying under my Christmas tree gazing at my childhood ornaments. 

Since December is already here – I wish time could just slowww down – it means that it’s time for the Balanced Babe Gift Guide! 

I’m rounding up some items that I truly love and recommend. This isn’t a sponsored gift guide, folks – this is a genuine round up of products that I’m either already using, or that I’m putting on my own x-mas list! 

So let’s get to it! 

 1: Herbivore Coco Rose Body Polish – I’m all about scents, and the blend of floral Moroccan Rose and virgin coconut oil sounds delectable!

2: Sybil Coaster Set – The print is modern and chic, and who doesn’t love pastel colored decor?

3: Acupressure Mat – This prickly mat is designed to decrease stress, alleviate back pain and boost circulation. I’m intrigued!

4: Unite 7 Seconds Shampoo and Conditioner – I was gifted this set earlier this month by Unite and I’ve noticed a wonderful improvement in the softness of my locks. Even my boyfriend is trying to steal them (story of my life).

5: Palette Swatch Table Runner – I know these colors are more for spring, but that’s the whole point of Christmas right?! To prepare for the rest of the year?

6: Detox Seaweed Bath Soak – This bath soak tightens and cleanses skin while delivering a plethora of minerals as you bathe. 

7: Society 6 Painting – This abstract painting is light and perfect for a bedroom or home office.

8: Sun Potion Prash Tonic Ambrosia – This sweet blend is packed with all sorts of Ayurvedic medicinal herbs and goes perfectly with tea and even as a spread. I’m all about snacks with health benefits!

9: Gemstone Magnet Set – Healing gemstones on my fridge? I’ll take it!

10 – Beespa Hand and Foot Cream – I’ve used Beespa for quite some time now and haven’t had to go get a pedicure in months. Seriously!

11: Booze Glass Decanter – I think this is the perfect hostess gift for your next holiday party. Cute, classy, yet straight forward!

12: Maya Chia Supercritical Omega 3 Chia Oil – A super moisturizing yet lightweight formula that hydrates and nourishes skin!

13: Chakra Balancing Gemstones – For the holistic health guru, this gemstone set when placed on your body where your chakras are located can bring balance and harmony to your soul. 

14: Kombucha Brewing Kit – I have never made kombucha, but this kit makes me want to try it ASAP!

15: Zodiac Constellation Notebook – Ok ladies, we know that December and January are the perfect time to get started on our goals and aspirations. These notebooks are perfect for writing down your morning goals!

16: Olaplex Hair Perfecter – My hairstylist Jordan from Dennis Bartolomei (he’s amaze, BTW and loves working with blonde hair the most – holler!) gave me this hair mask that I leave in for about 30 minutes once a week. Since my hair is colored / bleached and processed, my ends are very prone to breakage. Using this has helped make my strands much stronger – hooray!

17: Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick – I’ve been searching for the perfect foundation that has thick coverage but doesn’t look thick. I finally found my dream foundation thanks to a glorious sales gal I met at Sephora, the Bobbi Brown Foundation stick! I’ve been using this foundation stick for almost three months and I’m not even joking, I’ve gotten compliments about how great my skin looks. In all reality I use foundation to cover up stress pimps and discoloration (hey, we’ve all got it). I can’t say enough good things about this product and I SO recommend it! 

18: Zebra Metallic Dish – The perfect decor addition to spice up your coffee table!

19: Pursoma Digital Detox – A wonderful bath soak that makes the body sweat, pulls toxins from our pores. Ok – I’m using this after NYE!

20: Swell Water Bottle – Because who doesn’t want a gold water bottle?

21: Pinched Fold Mug – Again, I love everything pastel and when I found this mug, I fell in love! I’m also an avid morning coffee drinker so my coffee accessories are essential! 

sarah baker


I also found these beautiful gemstone pieces at a recent market here in Chicago that I think would be a perfect gift for a friend who loves healing stones. I discovered a beautiful line, Mashallah , and bought their ring and bracelet (the bottom one), as well as a few other pieces that aren’t pictured. 

So there you have it babes! See anything you like? Share your favorite pieces with me and let me know if you give them to anyone for Christmas! 

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