The Link Between Handwriting and Disease

Author: Cash Peters

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When I tell people there’s often a link between handwriting and disease, they look at me like I’m out of my mind. But why? After all, what is your writing but an outer projection of who you are on the inside?

Just as how you eat – gobbling your food or chewing it mindfully – or how you walk – briskly, with intention, or slumped and sluggish – is an indicator of the kind of energy you have, so it is with the way you inscribe words on a page. More than that, what I’ve discovered after twenty-five years as an intuitive handwriting analyst is that the written word can offer a fascinating clue to:

A:    Why someone’s life is not working out as it should;

B:     Why someone may be sick or having problems with stress, depression, fear, shame, and so on, which underlie many of today’s health problems;

C:     How he or she might change their ways in order to return to wellness.

I’m not the first person to note this link. Eastern medicine has known for thousands of years that negative emotions trapped in the body can lead to physical ailments.

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The emotion of intense long-term bitterness, for instance, may settle in the gallbladder, causing constrictions and stones. Grief goes to the lungs. The kidneys are incubators for fear. And so on. It’s all about trapped energy. That’s why, when doctors treat our symptoms by external means, such as pills or chemo, many times it doesn’t work. Good health has to come from the inside out, not the outside in. It does mean, though, that, just as anger, stubbornness, regret, shame, jealousy, resentment, etc, are poisons to the body and can cause it to break down, so positive feelings – joy, gratitude, forgiveness, optimism, respect, kindness, compassion, and so on – bring a rejuvenating energy to the body and are key factors in returning it to good health.

My own particular health problem has been Candida, or a yeast overgrowth. In tackling the symptoms holistically, I uncovered some profound revelations about health and what it takes to get well and stay well. Analyzing my own handwriting (it’s a great gift to have!) , I could see clearly how I was storing negativity inside, especially a lack of forgiveness, and understood how old inner wounds might gain physical expression in the form of cancer, M.S., diabetes, or other diseases later on if I didn’t tackle them now. That’s why I needed to write this new book. I’d channeled so much useful information on the subject that could help people suffering with Candida and the various diseases caused by it, to understand their condition better and what to do about it.


The ebook is called Taming the Beast Within: A New Weapon in the War on Candida.


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