These Natural Kitchen Ingredients Help Combat Congestion and Allergies

natural ways to fight congestion

Fall is one of my favorite seasons, but something I’m not so hip on is when allergies hit or when it becomes cold/flu season. No one wants to be blowing their nose every 2.5 seconds and the thought of having one. more. sinus headache (they truly do suck) makes me want to jump out a window. Since I’m being a human cafeteria these days to my son (AKA breastfeeding) – I’m trying to be mindful of the types of medications I’m consuming, and essentially everything I’m eating or using topically to make sure that the milk he is eating is clean and free of anything harmful.

Even though many of us seem to be taking preventative measures to combat allergies or prevent getting a cold, congestion can still lurk up on ya out of the blue. So I’ve rounded up some useful ways that you can naturally combat congestion without downing Dayquil – peep em n creep em.

— Bone broth..every damn day. I love bone broth for many reasons, but one of my top reasons for loving bone broth is the fact that it can help protect and support your immune system. Bone both is extremely nutrient dense and contains vitamins and minerals that give you essential healing protection. Just how your parents gave you chicken noodle soup when you were a kid to help your cold, bone broth can do the same thing!

— Apple cider vinegar. This is a great ingredient that you probably already have in your kitchen that can help combat any sort of congestion. If you can stomach it, you can take a straight shot of ACV in the morning to help clear out mucus buildup, or you can add it to warm water with honey and lemon as a morning tonic.

— Citrus beverages / fluids. Because of the vitamin C levels in citrus fruits, you are getting your hefty dose of immune protection. Adding lemons, limes or oranges to your water helps boost your vitamin C levels as well fight off any nose or head congestion.

— Herbal steams. Adding herbs like rosemary, thyme, or stinging nettle to a pot of boiling water and then letting the steam hit your face (take the pot off of the stove – don’t put your face over boiling water..obvi), can really help open up your airways. All three of these common kitchen herbs help with allergies and congestion.

— Steam room / shower with extra steam / humidifier. If you don’t want to go to the trouble to boil herbal infusions, steam from a steam room, long hot shower and a good old fashion humidifier will also do the trick to get rid of congestion.

— Mild exercise.  Movement like speed walking or even light jogging can help unclog a stuffy nose and help release more endorphins to give you a happy pick me up when you are feeling a cold or stuffiness coming up. Just make sure not to get into an intense exercise routine as that can make matters worse and deplete your immune system when you’re feeling off.

— Add cayenne powder or hot sauce to your soups. Adding some “kick” to your recipes will help clear you up in no time, as you probably already know this. Spicy ingredients help turn up your internal heat, thus melting away any mucus that is lingering around.

Do you have any natural remedies you love for allergy/cold season when you’re feeling stuffed up? Share in the comments below!

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