Travel And Be Balanced: Wellness Travel Guide To Cancun – Le Blanc Spa Resort

Gone are the days where we travel and come back 10 pounds heavier. Now more than ever, health conscious travelers are looking for destinations and vacations where they can reset, renew, and feel simply healthier about themselves. 


Because more individuals are looking for healthier destinations, we are going to start publishing more wellness guides on Balanced Babe. This one in particular  being focused on a phenomenal destination in Cancun called Le Blanc Spa ResortLe Blanc  is an all-inclusive *adults-only* resort that is utterly upscale, hip and boasts a sexy flare .

We had the pleasure of being invited to experience Le Blanc during the week of Valentine’s Day, and experienced a glimpse of what luxury living is truly like.  From the warm neck pillows that are placed on your shoulder during check-in, to the exquisite cuisine, the entire visit is an unforgettable getaway.

Courtesy of Le Blanc Spa Resort

On top of it being all-inclusive, there are two pristine infinity pools that overlook the breathtaking beach,  chef-inspired gourmet cuisine at your disposal day and night, as well as your own private butler. Once you arrive you never have to leave the property. 

Courtesy of Le Blanc Spa Resort



Wellness Travel Guide To Cancun – Le Blanc Spa Resort 

The Arrival

When you enter Le Blanc, you feel as if you are tucked away in a luxurious hideout secluded from the world and the chaos that is our everyday life. The resort is again set on a beautiful beach with crystal-clear blue waters, and sand that is white and fluffy like freshly fallen snow. As you arrive, you’re greeted with a fresh glass of coconut milk and cooling towel. Just this interaction alone  sets the tone for the entire stay.

The Vibe

The entire resort’s focus is white. White walls, white decor, and bright / airy / natural design styles. When you stroll through the lobby the air is fresh and clean, and everything is so pristine that it’s almost like a little slice of heaven.  The music of choice that is played near the pool is extremely spot on for their hip modern vibe.  The hotel’s playlist is an array of interesting artists like Bonobo and Moby.


The Room

After the check-in you’re guided to your room (in our case we were upgraded to the honeymoon suite that boasts a whirlpool tub, a butler, and a view that looks out onto the beach). The view alone from the room is breathtaking. And side note, since our entire philosophy here at Balanced Babe is all about Balance: the art of being realistically healthy with wiggle room to live and enjoy life, we thoroughly enjoyed the liquor dispenser which had top shelf booze like Johnny Walker Black Label, Grey Goose and and a deeeelicious tequila reposado. I mean we didn’t even need to leave the room to get the party started. 

Courtesy of Le Blanc Spa Resort

Each guest room features in-room double whirlpool tubs, Bvlgari bath products, blow dryers and hair irons, and even aromatherapy service. To take it a step further, room service is available 24/7 and includes everything from breakfast lunch and dinner, to snacks and desserts – all included in your stay.

The Food

There are four different restaurants on the resort (again, all included) that range from a buffet focus to fine dining. Le Blanc can cater to any dietary need (even vegans) and can create custom menus for your entire stay.  At their Italian restaurant, BlancItalia, you will be immersed in a very upscale atmosphere with glass decor, and you can sip on wine curated by their esteemed Sommelier . The food in BlancItalia is a la cart and the presentation is like artwork. 

Courtesy of Le Blanc Spa Resort

In their Asian inspired retaurant, BlancAsia, the scene is darker and moody, yet has an air of romanticism, and the menu has a wide array of options to enjoy. From sushi, to noodle dishes, you can taste as much or as little as you want. Breakfast and  lunch (buffet style) is served in their BlancInternational restaurant located near their main pool. Each day the buffet boasts different cuisine as well as a dessert table that lures you in with its immaculate presentation. The one restaurant we missed out on was the French inspired Lumiere (it was definitely a popular spot and required a reservation), and we imagine it is elegant as heck based on it’s popularity. 

Courtesy of Le Blanc Spa Resort

The Spa

The spa is hands down one of the best parts of the resort (in our opinion). All guests have daily access to a sauna and steam oasis – and you don’t just arrive and let yourself in, it’s an entire process. When you enter the spa you’re greeted by a pleasant staff member and then guided to change into a robe and slippers. You start with 15 minutes in a sauna while cucumbers and a cool cloth are placed on your face and eyes while you relax and detox. After 15 minutes in the sauna and a quick cold rinse off, you are then guided to a steam room where you are then handed a hair and face mask to apply. You then have the option to relax in their numerous cold pools or Jacuzzi’s to zen out even further. This is all before you even start your spa treatment! If you want, you can do this every. single. day. 

Courtesy of Le Blanc Spa Resort

Once you’re ready for your spa treatment, you’re then guided to another oasis like room where you can meditate on a lounge chair with spa water or tea.  We had the pleasure of receiving a fabulous 1 hour massage using lavender aromatherapy. The massage was so soothing that we just about fell asleep. The entire spa experience is simply out of this world. 


A Detoxing Itinerary

Le Blanc Spa is the ideal place to experience a “Detoxing” vacation if you want to reset your mind body and soul. We’re sharing a typical day that we experienced there that is jam packed with wellness and mindful activities. 


  • Start the morning off by sitting outside by the pool sipping on an espresso or drinking fresh watermelon juice. A breakfast buffet is offered in the international restaurant with various juice and healthy breakfast offerings. 
  • Each morning there are yoga classes (even paddleboard yoga in the pool) – so after your morning wake me up you can jumpstart your day with invigorating yoga. OR – if you’re not into yoga, there are various other fitness classes offered throughout the day and a state of art fitness facility with all the equipment you need for a total body workout. 
  • After yoga, you are steps away from the crystal clear waters. A morning run along the beach before the sun gets too hot can clear your mind and rev up your metabolism.


  • After a morning of mindfulness and movement, you can choose a spot along one of their infinity pools to get some much needed sun therapy (especially if you’re visiting from a cold climate like the Midwest). You can literally zone out here for a good 3 hours listening to the resorts chill vibed music. 
  • For lunch you can order from your spot at the pool or pay another visit to the buffet and fill your plate with a variety of greens and clean proteins. I personally spent each day consuming about 4 virgin Pina Coladas (they literally only use coconut milk, fresh pineapple juice, and ice and whip it all together – it is incredibly refreshing).
  • After an afternoon of unplugging and resting, you can wander down to the spa for a round of sauna therapy (and a massage if you desire) – you can spend a good hour in here just using the various sauna’s alone.


  • When all of the lounging and pampering is completed for the day, you can mosey on up to your room and get glam-ified for an evening of dining (and drinking tequila – since it’s plant-based 😉 ).  
  • Choose one of three dining options and start your evening off tasting various dishes featuring multiple cuisines, you can eat as clean (or splurge) as you want and soak in the ambiance.
  • Every evening after dinner there is some sort of activity or entertainment on the resort like live music that you can enjoy. A post-dinner glass of wine (or two) can also be found at one of their many bars throughout the grounds. 

Winding down:

  • Sit in serenity by the beach at Le Blanc’s beach bar and listen to the waves – it’s a mesmerizing experience.
  • You can ask your butler to draw a bubble bath for you and set up an aromatherapy diffuser so that when you return to your room you can take a detoxifying soak while inhaling scents that will calm your senses. 

Just imagine 3 or 4 days of this: unplugging from life, enjoying the state of being consistently relaxed without any worries of what’s happening back home, and immersing in a complete oasis of luxury. If you want to learn more about Le Blanc Spa, you can pay them a visit here



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    Wellness travel is kinda pricey but overall, it's one of the best ways to be healthy. Refreshing the body and mind is just so rewarding. Food preference should be given importance too. Eating healthy even when on vacation makes you fit. You can wear the best clothes too.

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