Vacationing For The Holidays? Here Are 8 Simple Ways To Protect Your Hair While Traveling


Many of us want t? know how to m??nt??n healthy hair, but it’s a wide belief that growing beautiful hair is  a challenging process. While it’s important to understand that it’s not as difficult as you think, it still requires some basic knowledge, a little time and some patience. If you want to know how to protect your hair this cold winter season (especially when you’re on the road or traveling to different climates), then you’ll definitely benefit from the information in today’s guide!

B? acquiring kn?wl?dg?, b??ng ??ut??u?, ?nd m?k?ng ?n effort t? ?l??? th? t?m? ?nd ??r? into ??ur h??r, ??u w?ll ?u??kl? d????v?r th?t your locks will soon be long, luscious and extremely healthy. When we travel, the varying climates, irregular diet and sleep patterns, and lack of regular access to your normal hair care products can really wreak havoc on our strands. 

In ?rd?r t? l??rn h?w to ?ff??t?v?l? care f?r and m??nt??n ??ur tr?????,  it’s e???nt??l that ??u l??rn some b???? f??t? ?b?ut th? your hair and various ways to take care of it such as what types of vitamins fuel healthy growth .

So let’s break down the basics of our hair: We h?v? ?n?wh?r? fr?m ?n? hundr?d th?u??nd to ?n? hundred fifty thousand ?nd?v?du?l h??r? ?n our h??d, and e??h ?tr?nd is ??m????d ?f a ??w?rful t??? of protein th?t ?? ?d?nt?f??d b? ??????l??t? ?? “Keratin”. In addition to th?? ?ub?t?n??, th?r? ?r? ??v?r?l ?th?r substances f?und in each strand of hair. These ?ub?t?n??? include lipids, ?n ????rtm?nt of m?n?r?l?, various types of m?l?n?n gr?nul??, ?? w?ll ?? w?t?r. Wh?l? the ?tr?nd? ?r? not considered to be living b???u?? th?r? are n? ??ll? th?t ?xt?nd ???t the follicles, m?n? d???r? f?r it t? ?xh?b?t ??r? ?h?r??t?r??t??? of l?f? ?u?h as ?h?n?, elasticity ?nd ?th?r signs ?f health.

To help keep your hair shiny and voluminous while on the go, we’ve rounded up the below ways to protect your hair:

8 Simple Ways To Protect Your Hair While Traveling

1: Diet

Th? f?r?t ?t?? t? ??t?m?z?ng the health ?f of your hair ?? t? und?r?t?nd that ?t ?nv?lv?? more th?n wh?t ??u use as hair products. In order t? ?xh?b?t ?ll of the ?h?r??t?r??t??? ?f h??lth? hair, you mu?t ??n??d?r wh?t ??u ?ut into ??ur b?d? ?? w?ll. Our hair has the capability of growing u? t? a half-inch each m?nth. Th? core of th?? growth d???nd? ?n th? nutrients that w? ??n?um?.

By ??n?um?ng a diet th?t is nutrient and mineral r??h, ??u will find th?t ??ur l??k? grow ?tr?ng?r ?nd th?t th?? ?r? healthier overall. F??d? that ??nt??n ?ub?t?n??? ?u?h as omega 3 f?tt? ???d?, vitamin B-12, ?r?n, v?t?m?n A, vitamin C, ??l??um, zinc, ?nd b??t?n are highly ?ff??t?v?. The following h?ghl?ght? the t?? five foods th?t w?ll optimize th? h??lth ?f your hair:

  • S?lm?n
  • D?rk Gr??n Vegetables
  • B??n?
  • Nut?
  • P?ultr?

2: Pr?t??t Y?ur H??r Fr?m Th? Sun

Ju?t as ??u w?uld w?th ??ur ?k?n, you n??d t? ?r?t??t ??ur h??r from th? ?un ?? ?t doesn’t ?v?rh??t and burn. Y??, th?t is possible.  A hat ?r headscarf ?? our numb?r ?n? recommendation b???u?? ?t ?r??t?? the b?rr??r b?tw??n your h??r and the sun. If you don’t l?k? ??th?r ?f th??? ?ugg??t??n? ?t w?ll better to get a UV protection spray fr?m a tru?t?d brand.

3: K??? It S?m?l?

If ??u have a ??m?l???t?d h??r ??r? r?ut?n? ?t h?m?, l??k f?r w??? th?t ??u can simplify it. Th?? may involve using products th?t ??n d? more than ?n? th?ng at ?n??. F?r ?x?m?l?, a combination shampoo ?nd conditioner ??n ??m?l?f? both ??ur ???k?ng ?nd your hair care r?ut?n? (note: while 2-in-1 ?h?m???/??nd?t??n?r? are not m?r??l? workers, th?? ??n carry th? w??ght dur?ng your travels, unless ?f course, you are tr?v?l?ng f?r ??gn?f???nt periods of t?m?).

4: Incorporate Arg?n O?l

Arg?n ??l is an ?n?r?d?bl? n?tur?l m???tur?z?r f?r h??r that’s b??n fried by ??lt water ?r too much sun. But m?k? ?ur? you r??d the ???k?g?ng ??r?full?. Y?u want t? b? l??k?ng f?r real organic Moroccan ?rg?n oil, but th?r? are ?l?nt? ?f fake, low-quality du??? ?n the market.

5: E??? Travel Tr??tm?nt?

Foligen  is one of the hair products that you can use to protect your hair while traveling. There are n?tur?l h??r care products ?nd tr??tm?nt? ??u ??n d? to k??? ??ur l??k? h??lth? ?n?wh?r?. An ???? r?m?d? t? r?v?v? your dry hair after a h?t and ?unn? v???t??n is a ????nut oil hair m??k, f??d?ng the h??r w?th th? natural ??l? ?nd moisture it is craving. Another alternative ?? ?n ?v???d? h??r mask th?t br?ng? dull hair t? l?f? emitting a soft ?nd silky t?xtur? wh?l? ?l?? adding ?h?n? fr?m the heavy d??? of n?tur?l ??l?.

6: Dr? Shampoo

If ??u ??n’t get to a ?h?w?r and n??d to wash ??ur hair, th?? ?tuff ??n b? a r??l l?f???v?r. It’s ??m?l?: ??u ju?t ??r?? it at ??ur r??t?, w??t a f?w minutes, then rub ?t in. Th? ??wd?r ?b??rb? gr???? ?nd d?rt.

7: Hair C?r? Pr?du?t?

Th?r? ?r? ??v?r?l ??r? ?r?du?t? on the market today that are designed t? ??t?m?z? h??r health. F?r m?n?, ?h????ng th? r?ght product ?? ?ft?n a ?h?ll?ng?. This is u?u?ll? du? to the fact that th? ?nd?v?du?l ?? ?l???ng too much ?m?h???? on th? product, ?nd not enough emphasis on th? un??u? ?tru?tur? ?nd ?h?r??t?r??t??? associated with the tr????? on th??r h??d.

It is ????nt??l to d?t?rm?n? the texture ?f the h??r and then the ?v?r?ll ??nd?t??n. Once ??u make th??? determinations, you should focus ?n products that are ?????f???ll? f?rmul?t?d f?r your hair’s t?xtur? and condition.

It ?? also important to understand th?t, ?? t?m? ?r?gr?????, your n??d? may ?h?ng? ?nd you may need t? ?h?ng? th? t???? ?f ?r?du?t? th?t you ?l??t t? use. The products th?t ??u should u?? ?n?lud? ?h?m????, ??nd?t??n?r? ?nd ?t?l?ng ?r?du?t? th?t ?r? d???gn?d f?r your individual n??ds.

Additional T???:

Th?r? ?r? ??v?r?l ?dd?t??n?l t??? th?t w?ll ?????t you ?n d?v?l???ng ?nd maintaining h??lth? hair. Th? f?ll?w?ng r??r???nt ??m? of the m??t ??mm?n strategies th?t will ??t?m?z? th? look ?f your tresses:

  • It ?? ?m??rt?nt t? trim th? h??r r?gul?rl? to r?m?v? ?n? d?m?g?d ???t??n?.
  • Y?u ?h?uld avoid u??ng d?v???? ?n ??ur h??r that ut?l?z? heat f?r ?t?l?ng ?ur????? as th?? ??uld r??ult ?n d?m?g?.
  • It is ????nt??l t? ?v??d u??ng products th?t ??nt??n a l?t of chemicals that ??uld b? potentially h?r?h t? th? hair. Examples ?n?lud? h??r ??l?r ?nd ?t?l?ng products.
  • You ?h?uld ?v??d ?ubj??t?ng ??ur hair t? ??rt??n substances ?u?h ?? saltwater ?nd water that ??nt??n? moderate to h?gh l?v?l? of ?hl?r?n?.
  • It is ?r?t???l t? ?v??d ?t?l?ng your hair ?r using ?t?l?ng ?r?du?t? that w?ll damage th? h??r or ?ut stress on ?t.


B? following th? steps outlined ?n th?? gu?d?, ??u w?ll f?nd th?t it ?? easy t? gr?w h??lth? h??r ?nd ?r???rl? m??nt??n it. Y?u w?ll f?nd th?t ??ur locks are full, vibrant, ?ttr??t?v? ?nd d???l?? ?ll ?f th? m?j?r ?h?r??t?r??t??? associated w?th health.




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