Superfood Trends: Kaniwa


You’ve heard of quinoa, now meet its equally beneficial cousin Kaniwa.


Kaniwa (ca-yee-wa) is about to get hot, so hop on the trend before everyone else! This grain is loaded with tons of health benefits like protein and iron (this just may be our new post workout favorite!).

Kaniwa can be cooked and prepared the same as with quinoa, in 2 parts liquid to 1 part grain. It can also be used in all the similar recipes that quinoa already is: warm oatmeal for breakfast, in hearty salads, and even baked goods! 

Wellness guru’s and nutrition nuts near and far are calling this the new quinoa, have you heard of it before? We are definitely going to be adding this to our pantry collection! Now let’s get to the benefits:

Benefits of Kaniwa:

  • High in protein, calcium, and zinc
  • High in fiber
  • Fills over half (60%) of your daily recommended iron intake
  • Gluten free
  • Less bitter than quinoa (unless you do a good job at soaking and rinsing your quinoa)
  • Contains high levels of fatty acids like Omega-3
  • Easy for your body to process
  • No saponins (no need to rinse before cooking)

It easily cooks in about 15 to 20 minutes, but toast it in a dry pan first. Kaniwa’s nutty and slightly sweet flavor pairs well with other ingredients, making it perfect to add anything you want into it. Not to mention, the red colored grain is pretty to look at as well as eat.

Need a recipe to try it out? We rounded up some of our fave’s on the web.

Try out this delicious Kaniwa Oat Pancakes with Chia Blueberry Compote 

kaniwa salad

Veggie Packed Spring Salad 


kaniwa salad

A hearty Autumn Harvest Salad


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