Your Ultimate Plant Based Thanksgiving Menu

Happy almost Thanksgiving! I don’t know about you, but I am SO stoked to be with my parents for a day and eat comforting foods and laugh and reminisce about our wild and crazy family stories. 

plant based thanksgiving menu

As many of you know, I’m a true lover of food. I can never really deprive myself, so when cravings do arise I make sure that I’m eating delicious substitutes that come with a punch of nutrients. 

Since the holidays are nearly here, I thought it was the perfect time to jump on WCIU You & Me This Morning to share my plant based Thanksgiving menu. Yippie! 

plant based thanksgiving menu

And guess what, all the recipes can be delivered right to your inbox!

Now, some ingredients I found at Whole Foods so I will be talking about these products but PLEASE note that I am not being paid to talk about these products or about any grocery store. These are ingredients that I truly love using and I want to share what I love, with you.

Also – I paired this holiday menu with one of my new favorite organic wines from Villa Gabriella, their Chianti. It is a bold flavorful wine made from organic grapes – and a bonus? It didn’t give me a hangover the day after drinking a glass (or two). Unfortunately WCIU was running out of time (because we were too busy munching on goodies) to talk about the wine, but you can learn more about their line here!

plant based thanksgiving menu

So with that said, let’s dig into our plant based Thanksgiving recipes! Our vegan creamed spinach is packed with iron to help keep your oxygen levels healthy, the cauliflower mashed potatoes are SUPER low calorie and low carb, our brussels sprout salad is boasting antioxidants and digestive friendly properties, our lentil loaf has a hefty amount of protein, and our condiments are equal parts homemade and delicious.

You can make this menu for Thanksgiving as well as Christmas. Have a holiday party coming up? Bring the roasted brussels sprout salad and please the crowd. Staying home to watch movies? Indulge in comforting cauliflower mashed potatoes. As Melissa, one of the hosts of WCIU You & Me This Morning says, “I can’t even tell there is cauliflower in this”!

 Are you hungry yet?! Grab your free copy of our holiday plant based menu below!


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  • Mandy , Direct link to comment
    Thanks Balanced Babe for the menu of recipes! I'm going to make the mushroom gravy, spinach and brussel sprout recipes! Never heard of ghee butter so this is something I want to try. I found out about nutritional yeast from some of your older recipe it!

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