3 Drugstore Classics To Try Out For Winter Skin

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If you know me, you know I love creating DIY beauty treatments and using natural ingredients for a lot of my skincare. But because life is all about *balance* (taking a hot yoga class, then going out for wine – that type of balance), I also love incorporating classic brands that I’ve used since High school – maybe because of Nostalgia – but primarily because as classics some products just get the job done! So this month I was approached by one of my regular partners at Mirum to try out three brands that I literally used growing up to help give my skin some extra hydration now that January is here *cue the depressing time of winter when the holiday’s are over and it’s just…cold*.

So in addition to all my holistic and natural remedies, I’ve been incorporating Pond’s, Simple, and St. Ives from Walgreens (which all are currently going through hot deals at Walgreens stores) once again to give my face some extra TLC. Each of these brands carries products that really help rejuvinate your skin during cold winter months, and you know when a company has been around throughout my entire teen and adult life – we’re dealing with some OG staples here!

When I found out that Simple Cleansing Wipes was on the list, I chuckled because I already use these wipes alllll the time. When I’m on the go, or just when I need to feel like I need to refresh my skin (also with a baby, these wipes are perfect because sometimes new mama’s forget their morning skincare routine). Simple has a perfect blend of vitamin goodness and their gentle cleansers nourish your skin and can even remove waterproof mascara. I personally use them since I have very sensitive skin and they never irritate me when I’m giving myself a wipe down.

I used to use St. Ives Acne Scrub throughout my entire teen life so having this on hand again brings back memories of my young skin days. Holler. The smell of fuzzy apricots is what makes the memories come back to me (but the smell itself is just simply refreshing), and when used in gentle circular motions, it leaves your pores deeply cleansed and exfoliated. It also helps combat acne as it as a low dose of salicylic acid. AND the scrub is made of 100% natural walnut shell powder, and it’s paraben free. But as with any scrub, don’t apply too much pressure when washing your face as the ingredients will already do the job – I typically will use this once or twice a week depending on the condition of my skin.

Also back in the day, I’d use the Pond’s Dry Skin Cream partner in crime cream makeup remover. But now I’m trying out the moisturizer as another hydrating staple and I really appreciate how thick the formulation is, and how it actually leaves my skin feeling nourished. You know how some rich moisturizers kind of “soak in” and then your skin still feels dry afterwards? This product didn’t do that for me! I also like that it’s hypoallergenic and won’t clog pores since ya know, me and my sensitive skin.

So between the Simple Cleansing Wipes, St. Ives Acne Scrub and Pond’s Dry Skin Cream, you’ve got yourself a nice little lineup of classic products to help you this winter! And best of all is that when I scooped them up at Walgreens, they are all on sale with a Buy Buy One, Get One 50% off (12/30/18-1/26/19) and $3 off 2 Simple, St.Ives & Ponds FSI offers at
Walgreens. So you can totes stock up (plus everyone knows how convenient it is to get your beauty needs at Walgreens!)

Thank you to Mirum for sponsoring today’s post. As always, all writing, opinions and thoughts are my own.  #FaceTheWinter #Walgreens


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