5 Ways To Stay Clearheaded Throughout The Day That Don’t Include Coffee

how to stay clear

Staying sharp in itself can be hard to sustain throughout the entire day. Add a newborn to the mix? Some days it can feel nearly impossible.

There’s a growing trend of feeling “busy” in the US as many of us are juggling jobs, family life, personal interests and even side hustles. Not to mention all of our time that gets zapped into technology, creating even more of a haze if not being used properly.

As a new mom myself, I find it extremely important to ensure that I am doing everything I can to feel sharp and clear throughout the day. I already have disrupted sleep every night, so trying to maintain energy throughout the day is already a challenge off the bat. Since I can’t down 10 cups of coffee a day (nor would I want to), here are some ways that I am boosting my brainpower to raise a happy, healthy child; and how I get my own priorities done throughout the day as well.

— Movement every morning. This is an obvious one, but incorporating movement every morning whether that’s first thing you wake up, or after your morning cup of coffee or latte is essential. For me, a 25 minute jog/walk interval on the treadmill is the sweet spot. Anything more intense and I feel even more tired later in the day! Exercise has immense positive effects on the brain, especially memory.

— Incorporating vitamin B12 and vitamin D into my diet/supplementation. If you are feeling more tired than usual, it could be a deficiency in vitamin B12 or D. Vitamin B12 is essential for brain health, helps regulate mood and energy, and the same goes for vitamin D!

— Bend your creativity muscle. As we get older we start to stray from creative play, and now that I have a child myself I feel like I’m naturally starting to spend more of my day being imaginative with him. When we are constantly using technology and use our smart phones and devices constantly, we are using way less brain capacity since we have everything we need at our fingertips. By taking time each day to do something creative whether that’s doodling, playing with a child, or journaling, it gives your brain a nice workout which can help you feel refreshed.

— Be mindful of gut health. A common theme I’ve heard from readers and clients is that when you feel backed up, you tend to feel sluggish as well. When you feel as if you aren’t metabolizing food properly, the feeling of being bogged down or full can make you feel groggy as well. There is also evidence showing that there is a link between gut health and mental health, so not only will you feel more energized with a healthy gut, you’ll feel happier too. Easy ways I look after my gut is by incorporating probiotics and enzymes into my diet, and minimizing processed foods.

— Your diet matters. Not only should you be mindful of eating foods for good digestion, everything you eat plays a roll in your energy levels throughout the day. In order to keep my own energy levels high here is what I do: I never start my day with carbs as they spike your blood sugar levels which gives you a quick burst of energy, and then a crash. I always start my day with veggies or protein in the form of soups and stews. I eat foods that take a bit more effort to digest later in the day, and I focus on brain boosting specific foods. 


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