5 Reasons Why you Need to Eat Local + a Door to Door Organics Giveaway!


      When I think of the term “eating local”, I envision myself in a rural area surrounded by willow trees, and driving down to a local farmers market to pick up fresh and wholesome produce. With one blink and realize I am in a motor populated urban metropolis, and lose all hope in my local eating endeavours. 

      At least, I thought this was the case living in a sprawling city like Chicago. Not any more. 

      Now, local foods and ingredients are coming to us, and I mean literally arriving at our doorstep. Is this too good to be true? Not a chance; with many local farmers laying roots around Chicago, and new markets or delivery services (which cater to local eating) entering the scene, we Chicagoans are in for a real treat. 


      Some still might think, well is eating local really that beneficial? It is. Let me give you some quick reasons why:

– Local foods may last longer because they are bought fresher.

– They have less of an environmental impact than its packaged and supermarket bought counterparts. 

– Local fruits and veggies may even taste better. Why? Because they are in season.

– Local foods improve your mindful eating habits: when you, as a consumer, start thinking about where exactly your food comes from, your mindset on healthy eating will change over time. In a good way, of course – bye bye processed foods!

– Locally grown foods may even be packed with more nutrients.

Have I convinced you yet?

      On the topic of locally sourced foods, I want to spread the word about an extraordinary service that partners with local farmers, Door to Door Organics.  DTDO teams up with local producers to deliver consumers fresh, organic goods, and delivers a specially curated box of goodies straight to your door. 

      On top of getting a weekly local produce box, users can shop online for other natural groceries. Did I mention that everything is done online? Seriously, you will never have to take out 2 hours of your day again to truck down to the grocery store.  Door to Door Organics also provides healthy and inspiring recipes to go along with what you have in your box. You can browse their recipe library and even plan your week with recipes you like: talk about a time saver. 


      I am lucky enough to be collaborating with them to whip up my own special recipes, and I feel like it’s Christmas morning every time my box arrives. I cannot wait to share my Door To Door Organics recipes with you within the following weeks.

     In the meant time, I want to spread the love even further by offering $10 off your first order , and to give away $50 in Door to Door Organics credit to one lucky reader (only eligible for Chicago readers). All you have to do is comment below who you will share your box of goodies with. We will choose a winner next Thursday,  the 23rd! Good luck!


Disclaimer: Door to Door Organics gave me complimentary produce boxes for review. All opinions and writings are my own. All photos in this article are taken from my Door to Door Produce Box

02 comments on “5 Reasons Why you Need to Eat Local + a Door to Door Organics Giveaway!

  • Anita B. , Direct link to comment
    I will share my fresh fruits and veggies with my boyfriend! He loves to cook and I do the cleanup :-)
  • Christine , Direct link to comment
    I want to win this for my little brother who is going to school in Chicago because I'm afraid he isn't eating enough vegetables. :)

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