9 Ingredients That Can Boost Your Morning Cup Of Coffee

9 Ingredients that can boost your morning cup of coffee


Did you know that you can boost your morning cup of coffee to create sustainable energy that lasts throughout the day? If you drink coffee every day, adding specific ingredients and superfoods to supercharge it into a wellness tonic can be a wonderful way to up level your wellness game. 

According to recent research, coffee isn’t getting such a bad rap as it used to. When sourced properly, you can get a dose of antioxidants and other benefits from a regular cup o joe. What can derail the health status of your coffee though, can be the ingredients you ADD to your coffee, like cream or artificial sweeteners. 

When you focus on adding specific nutrient dense and supplements to your coffee instead of regular old sugar and cream, you are giving your coffee an extra boost of possible healthy benefits. 

There are many different concoctions you can make with your morning coffee, but today we are going to discuss the individual ingredients that you can utilize in your coffee today and how they’ll give you an extra mental boost. Read on to see what types of ingredients and supplements you can infuse into your coffee so that you’re getting way more than just a morning caffeine surge. 

9 Ingredients That Can Boost Your Morning Cup Of Coffee

— Collagen: Collagen is a protein that is already found in abundance in our bodies. As we age, our bodies naturally start to deplete these levels, so it’s useful to incorporate them into our day via supplementation. Consuming collagen may help with signs of aging in the form of smoothing and preventing wrinkles, improving the elasticity of the skin, and helping keep our hair and nails strong and vital. Beyond the beauty benefits, collagen helps your joints and bones stay strong and it also has gut health benefits to boot! I’m a fan of Vital Proteins collagen powder,  but if you want to source organic coffee that *already* has collagen infused in the bag, I like Skinny Joe Coffee. Not only does this coffee blend have collagen, it also is infused with MCT oil which brings me to my next topic…

— Coconut oil: If you’ve ever heard of “keto coffee” you’ve probably seen that some brands are made with coconut oil. The specific types of fats in coconut oil give your brain some extra fuel. Don’t be scared of this type of fat either! Your body metabolizes it at a faster rate than other fats and when mixed with coffee, it extends the release of caffeine so that you’re not getting a huge surge followed by a coffee crash. The specific type of fats in coconut oil, MCTs (which are sold as supplements in itself, but I prefer to get them from pure coconut oil), is what has been studied to show positive effects on weight management, boosting the brain and all sorts of other health benefits. You’ll want to source an organic, unrefined brand. If you want to focus on ONLY MCT’s in your coffee (since there is about 50% of MCT oil in coconut oil) you can source pure MCT as well! I personally like adding coconut oil instead since there are extra nutrients and wellness benefits in coconut oil. 

— Ghee: If you’re not a big fan of coconut oil, ghee is another alternative to get a healthy fat in your coffee for the day. Ghee is a clarified butter and has been used in Ayurvedic recipes and wellness rituals since ancient times. In addition to adding healthy fats to your coffee, it delivers extra doses of vitamins like vitamin A & E (which also help lower inflammation levels). The best part about ghee is that it’s lactose free, so it won’t mess with your digestive tract if you have a lactose sensitivity. If you blend in ghee properly, it won’t give your coffee a strange taste. It actually “whips” the coffee into a creamy concoction hat tastes rich and delectable. You’ll want to add your coffee and ghee to a blender to get this effect. 

— Cinnamon: Did you know that cinnamon is packed with antioxidants? Not only does it give coffee a pleasant aroma and taste, it infuses your drink into an anti-inflammatory powerhouse. Simply sprinkle a tiny bit into your coffee grounds before you make your coffee and it will infuse your entire pot. 

Inulin powder: This is the latest coffee craze that you’ll find on social media. It promotes gut health since it’s a soluble fiber and acts as a prebiotic (learn about prebiotics here). It helps your digestion all day by stimulating digestion to prevent bloating, and acts as fuel to any probiotics you add into your day. It’s also completely tasteless when added to your coffee. 

— Cayenne: You may think cayenne powder in your coffee sounds strange, but it enhances the flavor and gives (obviously) a nice kick to your morning beverage. Cayenne pepper has been used for years to help digestion, maintain a healthy heart and it can even help alleviate headaches. 

CacaoNow this is one of my favorites. Cacao powder is different from cocoa powder. If you want to learn why, check out my article on cacao benefits here!  Cacao powder is completely raw and has no added sugars (and very little sugar to start out with in its raw state). It is another great antioxidant source that also gives your system properties that helps stimulate the happy hormone, endorphins. Just like with the cinnamon, I’ll add cacao powder in with my coffee grounds to infuse the entire pot with this chocolate goodness.

Maca powderLong being touted as a fertility elixer, maca powder has been around the block for centuries used as a supplement to enhance fertility for both men and women, as well as helping improve your mood, your mental clarity and memory. It’s packed with vitamin C and B6, and minerals like potassium and iron. 

— Cardamom: Another warming spice that’s most likely in your pantry, cardamom helps your energy levels by stimulating circulation, which is essential especially if you’re sitting for long periods throughout the day. 

How do you like to make your coffee each morning? Share your coffee boosting remedies in the comments!


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