The Balanced Babe Gift Guide


Can you believe that Christmas is only four days away? I can’t either – It seems like I just celebrated NYE a month ago! Since my favorite holiday is right around the corner, I need to get down to business. I know that I’m not the ooonly procrastinator out there, so I bet a lot of you haven’t finished all of your holiday shopping. To give you some inspiration of what to get your holistic lovin’ friend, I put together the official Balanced Babe gift guide for 2014! 



1. Marble Box: I am always looking for extra storage for papers and trinkets. What better way to store your clutter than in a pretty Agate stone box.

2. Salt lamp:  Use a salt lamp in your home to help reduce air pollution in your space. 

3. Decorative bowl:  The perfect decorative piece for your kitchen or coffee table.

4. Agate Stand: I am starting to grow an obsession with crystals and stones, so you will be seeing a lot of various precious gems coming up in some lifestyle posts for 2015. This Agate stand would be perfect next to a fireplace!

5. Faux fur pillow: There is nothing like snuggling up next to a fuzzy pillow while writing your morning intentions or watching a movie after work!

6. Sage smudge stick: Clear the energy in your space with a sage smudge stick. Make way for positive vibes in 2015!

7. Kombucha starter kit:  Kombucha can be your guts best friend. Making some homemade kombucha can also save you big bucks on store brands! 

8. Nutribullet: A perfect solution to bringing your morning smoothie or green juice with you on the go. 

9. Love Grace juice cleanse: I just finished a three day juice cleanse with Love Grace myself, a perfect gut reset for after NYE!

10. Money Magnet essence spray: Essence sprays are charged with flower and gem essences which are known to communicate with your aura and your own vibrational energy, this one is said to bring some good success vibes your way!

11. OZ Naturals Vitamin C serum: Living in a cold weathered city, your skin could use a boost of vitamin C, and OZ Naturals has a great organic blend. 

12. Livia One liquid probiotics:  Be friendly to your tummy after all your holiday indulges by supporting it with healthy probiotics. 

13. Crystal bottle stopper: Super chic for your wine collection, and of course it has a crystal on top!

14. Journal: Write your resolutions, morning intentions, and daily accomplishments in a journal. The power of writing what you want is amazing.

15. Sonic Derm deep cleansing brush: Banish black heads and exfoliate for clear skin! I’ve been using one for the past 2 weeks and have already noticed a difference. 

16. Citrine Crystal: Citrine is said to bring out creativity, so if you are in a creative industry, place one of these crystals next to your work space to boost your mental juices.

17. Aromatherapy diffuser:  Instead of constantly burning candles, alternate with an essential oil diffuser. Imagine a relaxing night with the aroma of lavender before you go to sleep. zzzzz.

18. Book Ends:  Z Gallerie is on point. All the time. 

19. Chakra positive energy candle:  Use this candle to clear your mind and get in a positive mindset for a day of work.

20. Herbtheory stress & sleep:  After a long week this herbal blend can help you chill the eff out.

21. Energybits: These tine algae tabs can help you gain an extra pep in your step. 

22. Amethyst stone:  Amethyst has amazing healing properties. I have one in each room! Plus they are a beautiful purple hue. 

23. Amethyst biomat:  If you want to go the extra mile, invest in an infrared amethyst biomat. Laying on this for as little as 15 minutes daily can help with aches and pains as well as get you in the meditation groove. 

24. Biotin Gummies:  These are super scrumptious (it’s hard not to eat the whole bottle). A perfect skin hair and nail nutrient.

25. MAKE cosmetics eyebrow color:  I am all about the eyebrows, and MAKE’s eyebrow pen looks amazingly natural and comes in the perfect hue for blondies. 

So ladies, wave your boyfriend/mama/girlfriend/sibling over and tell ’em that this gift guide is totally balanced and will prepare you for a vibrant new year! Happy shopping!

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