The Balanced Babe Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Get ready to pamper your friend, hubby, or fam this V-Day with the Balanced Babe Valentine’s Day Gift Guide!


V-day is coming up which means it’s gift guide time! I view Valentine’s Day as a celebration of love that can be shared not only between your sugar, but also between girlfriends and family. Why would we not want to share our love with all the important people in our lives?

So feast your eyes on the Balanced Babe Valentine’s Day gift guide! I rounded up some sweet organic beauty products, health helpers, wellness goodies and more, because what Balanced Babe would not want a wellness conscious gift?! 

Balanced Babe Valentine’s Day Gift Guide


1. Tasty Face Organics Blood Orange Vanilla Body Butter & Healing Serum: Not only are these products organic, but they smell HEAVENLY. I’m all about scent when it comes to beauty. When a lotion or potion smells delicious it makes the pampering moment just that much better. The healing serum also helps reduce redness, blemishes and eczema..yes please!

photo source: Tinke

2. Tink√©: First we heard about fitbit, now we are hearing about Tinke. Tinke measures your heart rate, blood oxygen saturation, and respiratory rate. Not only is this useful for fitness, but especially for stress! So callin’ all my hard working ladies, this is for you. Use this to make sure you’re not overworked and over stressed!


photo source: Jessamy & Jo

3: These Books Will Make You Balanced: Authors Jessamy and Jo created six self-help books that are simplified, easy reads that focus on a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) framework. They have books to boost happiness, mindfulness, calmness, and beauty to name a few.

photo courtesy of Freshology

4: The best meal delivery service I’ve tried to date, Freshology: I’ve tried a good handful of meal delivery services within the past year, and I am 100% honest when I say I like Freshology the best. Their food tastes divine, and the presentation is on point! I’ve noticed that a lot of meal delivery services sort of just plop the food in a container and ship it off without caring what it looks like, and visual appeal with food is UBER important! Freshology definitely is on point, and is the perfect gift to give a girlfriend who leads an on the go lifestyle. If you are a food lover but don’t have the time to cook daily, this is for you!

photo source: Creek House

5: Creek House Vegan Truffles: We can’t celebrate V-day without chocolate. I found these vegan truffles  and they are da bomb! No matter who you are shopping for, everyone loves chocolates! 

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