5 Ways to Be Balanced Today

I’ve rounded up my 5 ways to be balanced today! Share how you stay balanced with the hashtag #BeBalanced, and it could end up in our next Be Balanced article!


Food: Craving sweets? Satisfy your sweet tooth by making your dessert a warming steel cut oatmeal bowl. I add raw organic honey, cacao nibs, hemp seeds, almond milk, a tiny squirt of vanilla extract, and chopped strawberries and bananas on top. This concoction seriously satisfies my dessert craving and it’s packed with good for you ingredients! Try this next time you dream about chocolate chip cookies.


photo source: Twinoakslandscape.biz

Beauty: Cleanse, tone, and fight those pesky pimps with this simple remedy – Pick up some witch hazel from your local department store. I use witch hazel in the morning to cleanse and refresh my face. It can shrink pores, act as an astringent, is an antibacterial agent to kick blemishes to the curb, and can calm redness. So, why would you not want to try witch hazel? 

photo source: Mitchell Joyce 

Mood: Visualize your success. Every morning after I have my coffee, check my emails, and finish my article for the day, I take out my yoga mat, light some frankincense incense . I take 10 minutes to stretch out and get my circulation revved while visualizing my goals. I think and feel as if I have accomplished what I want, and I focus in on that feeling of success. You can read here how powerful visualization can be! This gets me in a positive, productive mindset to hit the ground running.

photo source: Blogilates


Body: This week I’m working on my muffin top (remember, no one is perfect, and it is ok to deviate from your weight goal every once in a while, especially if it’s only around 5-7 lb). Yes, I have accumulated a nice little muffin top from indulging a bit too much on a recent vacation, so now it’s time to get that sh*t back in shape! I am a subscriber to Blogilates, and she just released a new muffin top massacre video. So your welcome.

photo source: WestElm.com

Home: Embrace the freshness of Spring with white curtains. I have heavy dark curtains in my bedroom (to block out the sun when I’m sleeping), but after a long winter it may be time to switch it up and add more lighter elements to your home. Since I have a home office, I’m at home almost daily, so being around a lot of dark elements can bring my energy down. I also think switching out my dark shades for a light colored alternative brighten’s up the room, hence brightening up my mood!


 (Main photo source: here)

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