Be A Balanced Babe: How To Stay Healthy On The Go

Learn how to stay healthy on the go with these 5 tips!

how to be healthy on the go

Big news! Balanced Babe is packing it’s bags and we’re traveling all the way around the world to Asia for a visit to Cambodia, Vietnam, and Thailand. I’m embarking on an Asian influenced holistic adventure and I couldn’t be more excited to experience a new culture not to mention the endless amounts of yoga, Thai food, and oriental medicine centers that I’ll come across. 

Because of this new adventure on the horizon. I’m going to be sharing more travel focused articles such as “being balanced on the go”, healthy spots and activities that I’ll be experiencing in Asia, how to survive 14+ hour flights and so much more. Now that Spring/ Summer is here a lot of us will be planning fun summer excursions, so why not travel like a total Balanced Babe?! 

So to kick off the theme of adventure and being on the move. I’d like to share some ways that you can maintain your Balanced Babe lifestyle by sharing how to stay healthy on the go!


Be a Balanced Babe: How To Stay Healthy On The Go

Pack your snacks / juices: I love making cashew milk and juices in bulk once a week to enjoy each day. If I’m always on the go, I tend to end up at places to grab a snack that aren’t so healthy (can you believe that I used to eat a big mac once a week?! Jeez!). To keep some healthy options with me at all times, I keep a few bottles of cashew milk / juices / homemade energy bars in a little insulated bag and strap it onto my purse. 

how to stay healthy on the go

Keeping  stress headaches away with the use of wearable aromatherapy: Sometimes when I have  numerous meetings throughout the day and multiple clients to work with, I’ll end up feeling burnt out by the end of the day. I always use aromatherapy at home for it’s plethora of benefits, but never really use it when I’m on the go. I do have my own little bottle of aromatherapy spray in my purse, but for some reason I always forget about it! Cor Pendant gifted me one of their beautiful wearable aromatherapy necklaces and now I get to smell calming scents throughout the entire day. Not only does it help me mentally, but the necklace is actually super rad. It’s minimalistic style pairs perfectly with all of my tops. 

Ordering meals ahead of time to grab-and-go: As I mentioned in a previous article, I recently discovered an application called Ritual and was able to use it at one of my favorite places, Snap Kitchen. This application is super user friendly! All you do is choose the type of cuisine you want, where you want to order and pick it up, and simply place the order. If I know I’ll be passing by a hub I frequent on my way to a meeting but don’t want to wait in line, I’ll order it via Ritual. 

Don’t start your day with processed carbs: If I have a long day ahead of me, I never eat processed carbs (or any carbs, really) for breakfast. If this happens, then my blood sugar will spike up giving me a temporary high, and then crash. What happens next? More carb cravings, and more sweet cravings. That’s why I always stress to eat protein + fats + veggies for your first meal of the day so that you don’t experience an insulin spike.

Walk to and from lunch, or anywhere you can: This one is simple but many of us forget. Whenever you can, walk! Walk to your lunch meeting, walk home if you can, walk to and from the gym. The more you can be active throughout the day, every day, the more calories you are burning and the better you will maintain your health! Sitting is starting to become a huge health risk for working professionals, so any amount greatly helps!

Now a majority of these tips are not necessarily for when you’re traveling, but for those that have particularly hectic days hopping from place to place. Our jobs can be taxing and stressful. If we aren’t mindful of quick little ways we can maintain our balance throughout the day, then that’s when weight gain and increased health risks start to rise. So what are your ways that you stay balanced on the go? Share with me!

03 comments on “Be A Balanced Babe: How To Stay Healthy On The Go

  • Michelle Anderson , Direct link to comment
    Great post. Awesome tips. I am slightly obsessed with this Cor Pendant. I have never heard of such a thing but think would be something my mom (whom has dementia) could REALLY benefit from. She has a diffuser near her at all times and also "huffs" oils throughout the day. This may be a way better option, for her and me. Thanks for sharing.
    • Sarah Baker , Direct link to comment
      I'm so happy you think Cor Pendant would be great for you and your mama! Not to mention that you gals can take it everywhere with you on the go and it looks like a beautiful piece of jewelry!

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