Benefits of Ginger


Sorry people, but ginger is not only the wing man for sushi any more. The popularity of ginger use for holistic health is so great, that its benefits need to be shared. This root has been an alternative medicine historically, and I’m pretty sure its holistic health praise definitely wont lose popularity in the future like a stereotypical diet fad does.

From digestive care, to wrinkle fighting antioxidants, ginger is packed with beauty benefits and homeopathic uses. My top four benefits are listed below!

1. Aids in Digestion: 

Ginger has two special enzymes that help with digestion and chronic inflammation. It protects and heals the gut with these enzymes and helps fire up our digestive juices after a meal. Ginger also has a chemical compound that reduces nausea and an upset stomach; I’ve been chewing on ginger when on a bus or flying as it always helps me with motion sickness. 

2. Keeps Skin Glowing:

Ginger has  one of my favorite antioxidants, Vitamin C, which minimizes sun damage. Another antioxidant found in ginger, gingerol, encourage even skin tone and softness.

3. An all Around Anti-inflammatory:

The same two enzymes that aid in our digestion also have been scientifically proven as a great anti-inflammatory. If you keep your diet high in vibrant, healthy, and anti-inflammatory foods, you will notice that any skin irritations like acne will subside. Another great way ginger utilizes its anti-inflammatory purposes is for arthritis pain. I’ve included a link to a study at the bottom of this article so you can read up on ginger for arthritis as well.

 4: Boosts Your Immune System:

Ginger is known as a detox aid, getting rid of toxic sludge in our body and organs which helps our body function optimally. It also can help clear out sinuses and lung decongestant which is why it is perfect to add in morning juices during flu season.

The benefits of this stellar root are abundant and can be taken advantage of right now if you know how to incorporate ginger into your diet. I usually blend ginger in with my morning smoothie, or add it to stir fry and chicken dishes. The options are endless!

Here are some scientific studies that I found on the great benefits of this herb!

As always, I use regular ginger instead of powder forms or capsules.

It is the most organic way to enjoy its nutrients and you know it has not been tampered with!

** If you are pregnant, or have any sort of health concerns, please speak with your physician before you experiment with the use of herbs. Ginger is best when used for a short period of time, only when needed. You can figure out a plan to incorporate the appropriate amount of  ginger into your diet by meeting with your personal nutritionist/dietician. **




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