Butternut Squash and Walnut Pesto Pizza


The one thing we know from our  vegan friends; vegans want to eat pizza too! That is why we made a butternut squash, walnut pesto and white bean sauce pizza. This recipe calls for a food processor or high speed blender so that we can blend two different concoctions to top on our vegan pizza. 

Ladies who don’t like to cook or don’t want to spend a lot of time cooking, don’t fret.  Here are two little cooking hacks we used to cutting down our cooking time:

– If you have your produce for the week prepped on a Sunday, (ex: onions chopped and in tupperware, fresh herbs chopped and stored) you will only have to use a processor for this recipe for about 10 minutes.

– Make your sauces and mixtures in bulk.  This way you will save time on blending when you make a similar meal. We freeze any concoctions or homemade sauces if we don’t think  they will be used within 5 days. 

Now that we are prepared to take on this vegan pizza expedition, let’s check out the recipe:



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