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Dana Claudat is the heart, soul, beauty and brains behind The Tao of Dana and the author of Feng Shui 101: A Guide to Finding Your Flow of Fabulous.   Dana’s goal is to help you create a life you love and the life you want.  Her blog is loaded with nuggets of inspiration and creativity.  Dana gives her readers and clients the basics of Feng Shui and then follows with the necessary principles to bring about awareness of environment, it’s energy, and how to keep it positive.  Creation of success (whatever form it takes for each of us)  through do-able changes and positive intention contributes greatly to our health and wellness.

You may have seen  Dana in a conglomerate of publications. She has a video course on Mind Body Green and has been featured in Fox News Magazine, Huffpost Women, Glamour, Fab Fit Fun, Refinery 29, and more! We are so lucky to share her expert tips on Balanced Babe!

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BB:  Can you tell us about your journey from studying art history at Stanford University to becoming a sought-after feng shui expert and author?

A series of very cinematic adventures working in fashion and art, staying close to things that I loved…and really taking many risks without a thought about having a “career path” pretty much characterized my life after college.  My riotous free-spirited living wasn’t grounded or balanced, though, and I when I got quite sick in the pursuit of an extreme health cleanse and wound up in the hospital for a few weeks, things changed. At home recovering I realized that my house was not a home at all.  I Googled feng shui to find tips. I had no idea that I would ever do what I’m doing now.


BB: At what point in your career did you first come to the realization that feng shui produces results? And what do you love most about your work?

 I started studying with a master based on my own self interest- I had a lot of my life to organize and rebuild. It was extremely helpful, but I wasn’t sure if it would be “universally helpful.”  I spend quite a long time testing it out with friends and people who read my Tumblr blog.  It was the success of the first two people- a friend and a reader- who opened my eyes to the more universal power of the places we live and work.

I love being able to connect to people and share what are natural things we all need-shelter, security, a feeling of being loved, a sense of cause over life-and have that be the goal of our connection.  Its really magical.


BB: Can you give our readers a few quick, easy and inexpensive ways to start incorporating feng shui into their surroundings?

 1. Open your windows and let fresh air circulate as much as you can.

2.  Burn a candle when you need a bit of extra motivation (the fire lights things up!)

3.  Put up some art on your walls that you feel profoundly good living with.  Make some if you don’t have some.

4.  Clear out clutter.

 5. That’s a whole lot of energy shifting in the average home 🙂

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BB: Pets contribute so much to our lives.  You have devoted a section of your blog to pets called “Pet-Shui”.  Any thoughts you’d like to share as far as the energy of pets and why we feel such a strong connection to them?


I think its impossible to not feel better when you are surrounded by pure love, you know?  Our home- as well as our pets and our friends and family- are a giant mirror of us.  The more love in that mirror the more love you feel readily.  That’s my philosophy.

(enjoy the kiss)


BB: How do you maintain the Balanced Babe lifestyle?

I probably work a whole lot more than one would say is balanced…but because of what I do, I take no issue with it!  

 I mean, my life and my work are inextricably linked.  

 Even my friends are all in some way a part of my growth which becomes a part of my blog and then, in that way, a part of my work.  So, while going to the spa and doing facials and seeing friends and art and detox baths and eating well are all amazing forms of self-care, they’ve also become such a huge part of my work- what I share and what I am constantly expanding on- that it’s easy for me to make the time!

That said, even before this business began, I always had like-minded friends who share in my Buddhist practice, or in art,  yoga, various forms of healing and wellness, so I always had a chance to both socialize and feed my soul, so to speak, at the same time.  I think the more you are closely surrounded by people who live lifestyles that are harmonious, the more that wellness becomes a natural part of life.

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