Five Ways to Be Balanced Now.

Sometimes you just have to take a break from this hectic life by slowing down, and counting your blessings.  Now is a great time of year  to live in this great city called Chicago.   The weather seems to be accommodating the whirl of events, parties and all around social settings outdoors.   I’m finding that my goal is, more and more,   freeing up time to relish this season of warm weather and spending time with family and friends.  
With this goal in mind, I’m working on ways to accomplish more balance between work and play.  Today’s post is all about finding balance, and sharing my ideas and thoughts with my readers to live life like a Balanced Babe.
+ Set aside alone time for yourself every day:   You need to take care of yourself physically and spiritually.  If your goal is to start with 30 minutes a day of “me time”, then your schedule might be 15 minutes of exercise early in the morning followed by 15 minutes of prayer, reflection, and /or meditation.  You can break up this 30 minute schedule easily throughout the day.  
 + Go the extra mile to stay fit: You can squeeze in a 15 minute walk during your lunchbreak as a way to clear your mind and help with digestion.   Parking the car further away from your work entrance and then taking a few flights of stairs rather than the elevator can burn extra calories and give you a quick burst of energy. How about signing up for a yoga or dance class?   Exercise has so many benefits on so many levels, that no matter what shape or form, movement is good.
+ Zone out: Early morning or just before bedtime seems to be a quiet time to meditate, journal thoughts of gratitude and/or prayer. Being grateful unlocks positive energy in your life, and can keep you centered after a challenging day.  A hot bath with essential oils and epsom salt can also bring you renewal and calmness while you relax in the hot soothing water.  How about getting a massage, or listening to your favorite music?  
+Do less:  You have a to do list, but how about doing less?   Years from now, it’s not going to matter how many times you kept everything looking clean, perfect and organized, but you WILL remember the time spent with your family and friends.
+ Have less: It also helps to have less stuff to keep clean, store and use.  Do you need it? Does it make you happy?  Are you spending unnecessary time maintaining it?   If not, get rid of it and free up energy to do other things!  Wouldn’t it be nice to give away useable items that you don’t use that someone else really needs?
A balanced life really consists of being grateful (count your blessings!); being mindful  (work on living in the moment and appreciating it, without worrying about what happened yesterday, what will happen tomorrow, or what other people think!). Strive for simplicity  (reduce clutter; simple, healthy meals; read a good book; reduce relationships to quality versus quantity).
How do YOU balance your life?  I welcome comments!

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