Love Snacking? Here’s My Favorite Healthier Snack Options

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With so many of us always being on the go or leading busy non stop lives, finding time to make meals can be tough. That’s where snacks come in. A good majority of us snack throughout the day in between meals, or eat smaller meals consistently throughout the day (commonly called grazers), but are our snacking choices really healthy?

For some, finding the time to think about what we are even snacking on can be a daunting task. It can be extremely easy to just grab whatever is in our office’s vending machine or whatever is close to a check-out line while we are running errands, but with just a wee bit of planning you can make sure you are always stocked with the healthiest of snack options. Here are some common healthier swaps for snacks that don’t do our health much justice, check them out!

Instead of french onion or ranch dip…

Just because you’re sticking celery sticks into store bought french onion dip thinking that you’re eating clean, doesn’t mean you’re actually eating clean. Many store brand vegetable and chip dips are high in unhealthy fats and contain cream cheese which can upset some people’s stomachs and can cause inflammation. Not only are these types of dips fattening, but they can also contain other harmful ingredients like canola oil, soy, artificial flavors and all sorts of strange fillers. Instead, you can make your own healthier versions using Greek yogurt (if you eat dairy) or you can find non dairy brands like Tofutti Better than Sour Cream which can also be used as a dip base. You can also opt for tomato salsa as a dip which is loaded with antioxidants like lycopene which help protect your skin from UV damage!

Instead of gummy snacks…

For those of you that love munching on fruit gummy’s or anything with that texture – do not fret! Gummy snacks can be very high in sugar and have no nutritional value. You can easily swap those out for dried fruits like apricots, mangoes, banana chips or apples. OR you can even find multi vitamins and supplements that are in gummy form to get your fix with a boost of nutrition (just don’t consume more than what is directed on the bottle)!

Instead of chips or crackers…

When you’re craving something salty or crunchy a lot of times crackers or chips can be in the forefront of our snack-y day dreams. When you snack on refined white carbs, you are spiking your blood sugar and then eventually crashing from the insulin spike, resulting in cravings for more refined carbs. Even some healthy snacks that have a lot of refined carbs in them will still cause a blood sugar spike. Reach for these types of snacks that have whole ingredients or are labeled grain free like seed crackers, lentil chips, air-popped popcorn. If you’re craving something like fries, bake your own sweet potato fries instead. These are also loaded with good for you antioxidants (you can also make these easy homemade sweet potato chips).

Instead of squeezable yogurt packets…

A lot of yogurt snacks may sound appetizing, but many of them contain a bunch of added ingredients and a ton of sugar. If you can tolerate dairy, making your own Greek yogurt parfait with fruit can be a healthier option – but for many even eating Greek yogurt can cause digestive distress and inflammatory responses. There are still many healthy dairy-free yogurt alternatives like So Delicious coconut yogurt, cashew yogurts, and all sorts of different brands popping out.

Instead of beef jerky…

Opt for healthier options like watermelon jerky, or brands that are low sodium and made with more wholesome ingredients. A good handful of beef jerky brands are loaded with sodium and again, contain fillers (are you surprised?). You can also find turkey jerky which is leaner and lower in sodium from stores like Trader Joe’s.

Instead of a chocolate bar…

Oh chocolate, what an enticing mid day pick me up when the afternoon slump hits us. Having dark chocolate in moderation is actually good for you, but choosing a regular candy bar gives you no nutrition and nothing but a sugar crash. If you’re craving something sweet, try freezing a bag of grapes and then munching on those. I swear it makes grapes taste even better (if you can only imagine). You can also make cacao rich energy balls that taste like cookies but contain all whole natural ingredients. You can also find brands like Justin’s Natural peanut butter cups that will help satisfy your sweet tooth without the extra guilt.

If you want to discover even more healthier snack brands, check out my go-tos that I’ve been eating throughout my pregnancy here! 

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