Use These Four Healthy Eating Tips To Minimize Bloating: VIDEO

healthy eating tips to minimize bloat

No one likes to feel bloated, and I’m personally a bit psychotic about constantly researching and finding ways to feel lighter. I’ve written about specific minerals that help with flushing out water weight, recipes that help you de-bloat: like this one and and this one, tips and tricks for improving digestion during big holidays (cause you know those are always packed with food), and even specialized services (ahem – colonic hydrotherapy anyone?).

So needless to say, I’ve got a thing about talking about the tips and tricks to banish bloat for goooood! 

I stopped by Good Day Chicago Fox to share four healthy eating tips to de-bloat (especially for the summer season when we’re trying to fit into bikinis and are generally wearing less). So let’s get into it!

Four Healthy Eating Tips To Minimize Bloating

  • 1st up: Minimize or cut out dairy (especially milk).

Here’s the deal with cow’s milk. More and more of us are becoming sensitive to dairy – I’m not just talking about lactose intolerance, I’m talking about a sensitivity to dairy proteins like casein and having a general food allergen from it. There have been studies that link milk consumption to inflammation in the body causing issues like acne, mucous buildup, and digestive issues (aka feeling bloated and gassy). I’ve rounded up some resources and articles that link to these studies that you can see here, here, and

SO instead of using milk in your cereal and what not, switch it up and opt for almond milk instead! Some brands like Blue Diamond Almond Breeze are fortified with calcium so for those of you that are concerned about calcium – here’s your solution. I use almond milk in almost all of my recipes that call for cow’s milk, and I talk about it in a bit more detail in the segment above. 

  • 2nd: Rethink when you eat cruciferous veggies.

I’m all about eating cruciferous vegetables. I talk about the benefits of cruciferous veggies in recent articles  such as how they help cleanse your liver, how they improve gut health,  for recovery and more. 

Cruciferous vegetables are extremely high in antioxidants and have various health benefits but because of the sulferic compounds in this food group, it can also cause gas and bloating. So instead of cutting these vegetables out of your diet for good, simply eat them for dinner instead. If you don’t have a big event to go to in the evening and you are generally eating to de-bloat and feel lighter, these veggies will work overnight to help you with your natural detoxification process in the morning (via elimination if you know what I mean). Super simple change!

  • 3rd: Eat naturally hydrating foods.

Did you know that when you’re dehydrated your body holds onto water which leads to bloating? SO – instead of constantly drinking water, eat hydrating foods like cucumber, tomato and watermelon. These will release a consistent stream of hydration into your system thus preventing you from holding onto water weight. I talk about this in more detail here .

Also – foods that act as natural diuretics like asparagus, artichoke and dandelion greens naturally cause more frequent urination thus flushing out excess water weight as well.

  • 4th: Focus on lean proteins + veggies instead of carbs.

When it comes to carbohydrates, we absolutely need them in our diet as they act as a fuel and energy source for us. BUT – consume too many grains like pasta’s and breads and you’ll retain water like a sponge. So to de-bloat, you shouldn’t necessarily cut out carbs for good, but at least minimize carb types to vegetables if you have a big event coming up or a day at the beach. 


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    Healthy is the way to go, thanks Sarah for a lovely and important article, u look very gorgeous as always love u :)

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