4 Easy Ways To Stay Healthy While Traveling

ways to stay healthy while traveling

It’s summer time which means that a lot of us are traveling in some shape or form, whether it’s a lake house weekend getaway, a 10 day European adventure, or a road trip to a destination on your bucket list. Many of us love to make travel plans and be on the go, but that doesn’t mean we have to let our fitness and wellness routines fall to the wayside.

Instead of saying screw it and letting yourself temporarily “go”, you can find a balance (obvi) to indulge during vacay while also being mindful of your eating and fitness habits. So here are 4 quick tips to use as a guideline next time you’re packing your bags for a getaway. 

1: Find a balance between indulging and keeping on track with your wellness routine: If you traveled all the way to Tuscany to indulge in wine and cheese, let yourself indulge in that damn wine and cheese. BUT this doesn’t mean that you have to completely let go of all of the hard work you put in regularly at home. 

Think about your top priorities when it comes to your well-being. Is that your daily yoga practice? Your regular supplements? An hour of walking? Whatever that may be, make sure you are including at least a few of these priorities into your day, and allowing yourself to be human to enjoy the delicacies of the region you’re exploring.

2: Take your workout outside of the gym: To expand on the first tip a bit, you can easily get movement and exercise into your day by walking around and exploring the new city you’re in. Take your morning jog outside in the fresh air instead of in the gym, or find a local forest preserve or park where you can roll out your yoga mat and do some sun salutations literally beneath the sun. Taking a dip in the ocean or lake and doing some laps will also help you get your heartbeat up while being in nature. 

3: Pack snacks, green powders, and protein powders: Before you leave for your trip, make sure you have your nutritional staples with you. For me, that’s nuts, fruits, and my go-to healthy snacks. I also pack green super food powders to add to my juices if I’m going somewhere with limited “health” items. Same with my protein powders – if you’re in a bind you can always stop at the store, grab some almond milk, and add your green + protein powders to that to get your daily fix of nourishment. 

4: Pack some go-to traveling supplements:  These supplements are always dandy to have on hand while traveling: melatonin if you’re experiencing major time zone differences and need help getting to sleep. Omega 3 oil to ward off inflammation (because sitting in plane seats for extended periods of time can wreak havoc on your back), and a multi-vitamin to ensure that you’re getting all your daily doses of goods. 

You can also focus on supplements that support immunity AND digestion, because these are two things we need to be extra mindful of when we are traveling! To protect your immunity you should have Vitamin C tabs or pills on hand, and echinacea tinctures. Echinacea helps boost your immunity and ward off germs that can lead to colds and sniffles. 

For digestion,  a probiotic and a digestive enzyme are always good to have on hand. Digestive enzymes are good to take after a large meal or whenever you’re dining out at a restaurant. And this is typically always the case while traveling. Probiotics are actually a one-two-punch in the sense that they help support digestion but also immunity as well. Taking a probiotic helps keep the healthy bacteria in your gut balanced. This bacteria supports healthy digestion, regularity, and even your stress levels + immunity. A probiotic brand that is currently on my radar is Bio-Kult, a  probiotic that has been manufacturing for over 20 years and goes through extensive testing and accreditation before the supplement is released to the market. Not only are probiotics beneficial to take when you’re traveling, but just in general to ensure that your gut is in tip top shape! You can learn more about Bio-Kult here!

Disclaimer: This article is in partnership with Bio-Kult probiotics. All opinions and creative direction is my own.

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