Pesto Eggs with Arugula and Spinach


Eggs are getting a bad rep for their cholesterol, and it is totally unnecessary! The proteins in eggs are very digestable, and the iron and folic acid in the yolk is crucial for us. The reason why consuming the cholesterol in eggs isn’t terrible for you is because there are low amounts of saturated fat (which really is a major role of corinary issues and are found as larger quantities in red meat).  So, don’t stress, egg lovers. If you keep your overall diet healthy and high in leafy veggies, nuts, fruits, fish and low in red meat, you can enjoy your eggs.

Now that I have revved up your tummies, and it is breakfast time somewhere in the world, let me show you how to make this stellar – and healthy! – breakfast egg dish.

[yumprint-recipe id=’12’] 

Earlier this week I talked about my homemade pesto recipe. This is a perfect example of why you should make a larger batch so that you can use the leftovers in a great range of recipes!


02 comments on “Pesto Eggs with Arugula and Spinach

  • Lauren , Direct link to comment
    Hi Sarah, Your site is beautiful and I admire your commitment to a healthful and balanced lifestyle and educating others. We have a common acquaintance in Gina from 'Mind Your Muffin'! I am curious why you include eggs and other dairy like cheese in your plant-based recipes. I'll look for a response soon, and cheers! Lauren
    • balancedbabe , Direct link to comment
      Hi Gina! Thank you for the kind words! I include eggs and cheese in some recipes because I like to include options for ovo-lacto vegetarians as well! As long as the main ingredients are plant based, including an egg or cheese to compliment the other flavors are added for that specific dietary lifestyle (obvi-lacto veg). If you are strictly vegan, you can cut those specific ingredients out (eggs or Dairy). Hope this helps clarify things!

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