How to Ease Back Pain Naturally + A Special Holiday Giveaway!


    Goodmorning my balanced babes! I want to talk about a subject that affects me personally (I usually don’t write personal posts), and that is lower back pain, scoliosis, and how to ease back pain naturally. I was told that I have slight scoliosis in my lower back about 8 months ago, and that I should be doing specific exercises to help strengthen the side of my core that my spine was curving away from. I’ve tried that, but still to this day experience pain (maybe because I don’t go to the Chiropractor often enough). 

   I’ve researched some holistic modalities to help with lower back discomfort lower back discomfort that I wanted to share with the Balanced Babe community. Here is what I found while researching some holistic ways to manage lower back pain:

1. Manipulate Your Hormones: According to Spine Health, releasing endorphin hormones can act as a pain medication.  These are the feel good hormones you release by  by listening to your favorite music, doing light cardio such as brisk walking, and by meditating, doing activities that you love.

2. Acupuncture and Massage Therapy: Dr. Philip Trigiani discusses the benefits of acupuncture for lower back pain. Acupuncture stimulates specific points that are believed to help with pain management. Massage therapy can also assist with back discomfort by relaxing possible seized muscles, and by releasing more endorphins. If you can find a well trained acupuncturist and masseuse in your area, give them a try.

3. Omega 3 Fish Oil: Some Chiropractors I spoke to in the past have always recommended that I use omega 3 fish oil as a supplement 3 times a day when experiencing back pain. Why? Because studies show that using Omega 3 oil acts as an anti-inflammatory and can have the same effects as ibuprofen.

4. Inversion: Using an inversion table may help you decompress your joints, re-hydrate your discs, reduce nerve pressure, relax your muscles, and realign your spine. Inversion is a natural alternative to traction or other invasive procedures used for back pain. 


   Using inversion poses in Yoga also helps with relieving stress and improves circulation, so I would imagine that performing a similar pose in an inversion table would also have those similar benefits as well. With an inversion table you can also perform core exercises for improved spinal support (for those individuals who have back issues, always check with your healthcare provider before incorporating core exercises while using the inversion table). 

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08 comments on “How to Ease Back Pain Naturally + A Special Holiday Giveaway!

  • Angie Jerde , Direct link to comment
    I have recently been introduced to essential oils and have been using them for my trouble spots. I think they are a great alternative to medicine and other treatments. This looks like a great product...thanks for the giveaway!
  • Jackie , Direct link to comment
    I use yoga and essential oils to ease my chronic pain. I have always wanted an inversion table. Praying that my name is picked. Thank you!
  • Marcy , Direct link to comment
    Thanks for the great giveaway!! I Hope I win :-))) P.S. I use biofreeze when I have a sore back.
  • Missie Freeman , Direct link to comment
    I am not familiar with a lot of natural pain easers. Usually massage provides some relief.
  • Morgan , Direct link to comment
    Oh boy, my boyfriend hasn't stopped talking about wanting a teeter hang up! In college it's a little beyond my Christmas budget, but I'd love to win one for him! Great post! :) I don't have any tricks for back pain - but I do love yoga inversions!

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