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 If you remember my previous Feng Shui article (here), you might remember my teaser at the end about diving deeper into the art of Feng Shui with one of the experts. Well my friends, today is that day! I would like to introduce a woman who is full of positive and welcoming energy, Mrs. Lynn. 

Hello! I am Lynn, and I am a physic reader and Feng Shui expert.  The name of the business is Physic Readings by Lynn.  I have been doing this for over 30 years.  I have been at this current location for 20 years, as a matter of fact this year is our 20 year anniversary.  I work in all areas, but I do specialize in relationships

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BB: How do you implement Feng Shui in with your services?

 I do feng shui consultations in order to align energies in the home or business, but because I focus on relationships, it is usually in the home.  It makes a big difference, feng shui is energy it is not a religion.  You can be of any spiritual belief and use feng shui because it is more than just spirituality.  There seems to be a true energy that is there that can’t be detected by science right now. It takes a week or so to make a difference, but eventually it does and it starting bringing good opportunities.

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BB: What are some Feng Shui tips for improving relationships?

 Pay attention to the southwest corner.  The southwest corner is the relationship corner.  Now, everyone has their own special directions, but the relationship corner is the same for everyone and that is the southwest.  The southwest corner should be clean, free of clutter and it identifies with fire.  Actually, the corner is fire but wood feeds it. So you should have wood in there which is represented by green, or wood itself and the color red, candle because they represent fire.  Wood feeds fire.  Also, pay attention to to your bedroom, especially under the bed and in the closets.  The bed is where you are most of your life.  Most of your life is spent in bed, even if you don’t sleep much and because of that it stores your energy and as your energy seeps through the mattress it comes down under the bed and it is not disturbed there so that is where it stays.  If there is clutter than there will be dust collected and stagnant chi. You can think of chi like water like a stream of water and a stream of water is very life giving. But what happens if you block it out?  If you block it out it becomes dirty and stagnant and cant support life and that is when you get negative chi going and you don’t want that under your bed.  So you need to clear that out sprinkling a little salt under there once you have cleared it out will help the negative chi not to gather.  If you have a dust ruffle or anything blocking tht you could rise it a little bit so the positive energy can flow underneath and clear it out. Or you can just move the dust ruffle or you can go under there every week or so and vacuum it and dust and make sure you move the energy around.

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BB: What are your Feng Shui tips for careers and success?

  It’s interesting, because there are three sectors: career which is the north; Fame which would handle advertising fame and promotion which is good if you own your own business and that is the south; and the southeast corner is your wealth sector. So there is three sections to success.  For the north sector, it is metal especially silver or the white metals stainless steal and the color white should be up here in this north sector.  The south sector, once again fire so you should go with the red. Candles light those are al—for the south.  That can be stimulated by lights, candles, the color red, and inside your home or business to have a wind chime—a wooden wind chime in the southern sector.  In the northeast sector, which is your finances, which is a corner, you are going to need elements that represent water. Green works well in that area blue works well in that area, avoid candles in that area.  A water feature which can either be a fish tank or a  fountain can be used in that area also photographs of water or seaside works well. Anything that represents the water or the sea works very well in that area.  Always get off the floor anything you can, so see how that planter is there? That needs to be raised up because you need for the chia to be able to move. So if you are having difficulties remember to lift things up. Now, if things are going good for you don’t mess with it, even if it is feng shui inappropriate, because evidently, there must be some factors that play considering your date of birth and your own personal pacra , which is the alignment of your energy that is making it working.  You don’t mess with success. If you start to have a problem these tips will start to help. 

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BB: I have always been interested in Feng Shui, but I never really knew the exact areas, so when you are looking at a space; for example I live in a condo, would  you just view only one room as north, south, east west  or would you view the whole layout as that? 

Excellent question! Well what you do is go to the furthers section of it.  That is knowledge and learning and this is mentors, people who would come and assist me, interview or put me on a blog that is this corner. But if this were divided into two separate rooms you would count the rooms.  My wealth sector happens to be done right there where the readings are done and the relationship sector happens to be in the bathroom. Not very good.  So, what has happened actually in this particular office space and I do know the history of it because I have been here for 20 years, and what has happened in this office space is that 15 year prior to me having it there were three other spiritualists that tired to be here and each one had to leave it after six months because of a divorce, none  of them were feng shui works, so none of them understood that you need cures in the bathroom. Got it?  But I have been her for 20 years and that obviously shows the difference.

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BB:  Is there any other aspect of Feng Shui that we need to know about?

 Overall, if a person who wants to find Feng Shui in their life in general go by, you innately know that is correct with Feng Shui, and so if it feels comfortable it is comfortable and it is right, especially for you.  Do remember that Feng Shui moves like a mist through any area down the street, through the world.  It moves like a mist, an invisible mist and pretend – always pretend, image that it is a stream and that it needs to keep moving slowly in order to be cleansing and not to stagnant and that helps create a calm energy in a space which is also good for your own peace of mind. 

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BB: If someone else is sending negative energy your way, what is the impact? How can you deflect negative energy from others?


Have you ever just had days going just fine and then you run into somebody and have everything just go upside down, I mean it could even happen from a phone call because energy’s aren’t restricted by the flesh therefore things like time and distance doesn’t make a difference to these energies and the best way of protecting yourself from it is 1) Once you’re feeling that.. deflect it. And to yourself if you can say it verbally after you are out of the persons earshot just say, “I don’t accept that” “I don’t accept this energy it doesn’t belong to me”.  I personally have a very strong spiritual belief in God and the bible and I revoke it but whatever works for you by saying “ I don’t accept that energy, that’s not my energy” that’s theirs it helps push back on theirs, But you also have to have your own spirituality because how can you fight something if you don’t believe it exist so you do need to have your own spirituality whatever that is because it creates a defense that you’re able to use to fight against that because it is a fight because you are always under a bombardment of energies. There are always people that we work with or family members that are very negative and that’s very difficult because that’s a constant input of that and a lot of times what harms us the most is not what other people wish for us but its what they feed us. So uh I mean if you’re trying to say while I’m trying to accomplish this goal and you have someone who is constantly shooting it down with a ya but.. then that’s going to affect you.. you think its just affecting you emotionally and subconsciously but no there is a spirit energy that is transfer there and those cases  its very tricky because sometimes you can love these people and that makes you vulnerable to their energy but if the relationship is good enough you can say “I know that this is how you’ve learned to function in the world but I would appreciate it for you not to share that with me” Please don’t I mean when my business or relationships come up, no negative input.. please but I love you. Sometime they don’t understand that and from that you have to pull away or change the subject or say “I’m really busy right now I’ll talk to you later” but you need to cut that and they’ll learn eventually when they reach that point and their talking in that way that they lose your company.


BB: How can you help people that are generally more negative and they worry a lot or they are stressed and they can’t help but give out that negative energy? How can you work to reverse that?

 Well, if they were with me, the first thing that I would do is use mediation.  Sometimes jointly, so even together we could meditate or I could mediation on my own to find the cause of that negative mindset.  A negative mindset does create very negative things in a persons live and goes allow negative energy to come in.  But you need to identify where that comes from because people are not born negative. Something has happened or they have had some experience that has caused them to be cynical about certain situations.  Once you can just explain to them this is where it is coming from, as long as it has been identified correctly, it is like flipping a switch in and they are able to look at it differently.

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BB: What are your tips for manifesting your goals?

Number one: You must realize that the limitations are not real. There are no limitations because you really can do anything. It is us we limit ourselves, that why there are people that can walk on fire and not get burned because they realize that those limitations were in the mind and not real. So that’s the first thing to manifestation is realizing that there are no limitations only you put the limitations.








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