I’m a Balanced Babe and .. I Kicked Chronic Illness In The Butt And Was Able To Treat Lyme Disease Naturally

Katina Makris’ journey to healing and how she was able to treat Lyme disease naturally.


What would you do if you found out you were diagnosed with a disease that demolishes multiple systems in your body? If you could not drive, or write, or walk? A disease that can impair the functions of your brain, nervous system and heart? If you are a fan of the Real Housewives of Orange Country, these symptoms may ring a bell. Lyme disease can be a puzzling and debilitating illness with symptoms that vary from each individual. But what if you found that you could treat Lyme disease naturally? Today’s Balanced Babe did just that. 

Katina Makris is not only a Lyme disease survivor; she is also an author, radio host, international speaker and holistic practitioner. Read on to learn about Katina, her journey to treat Lyme disease naturally, and how she is creating massive change within the world. 

BB: As a Lyme disease survivor, can you give us an overview of your journey and where you are today?

My 10 year journey with misdiagnosed Lyme disease changed my life forever, resulting in me becoming a national spokesperson on the subject as well as an award-winning author and cutting edge host of “LymeLight Radio”, as well as well as a champion for the many million who are afflicted with this disease and misdiagnosed.

At the peak of my career as a homeopathic practitioner, In the summer of 2000 I came down with a mysterious flu. Initially, doctors diagnosed me with sinusitis, then walking pneumonia and by autumn, chronic fatigue syndrome. No one ran a Lyme test that summer, when the organism would have still been present in the bloodstream, and possibly picked up on a traditional ELISA blood test. By the time I was tested four months into the disease, I of course was coming up with negative findings, (do to the fact of a very inaccurate test for this disease ) which ensued over the next five years until I was bedridden and destroyed at all levels; physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Sadly, I had lost all the American emblems of success I had worked so diligently to create in my 48 years of living. It was so fragile I could not prepare a meal, empty the dishwasher or wash my hair on my own .

I lost my illustrious career and income, as well as my savings, my home, my marriage and of course my health and well-being.  Fractured and plastered to the sofa with my young son by my side, it was a colleague of mine who finally suspected the Lyme organism had attacked multiple systems of my body including the neurological, cardiovascular, muscular, endocrine and immune systems. He ran a specialty Lyme disease test from the now prominent IgeneX Labs in Palo Alto California, with a 98% accuracy rate, that verified I had an advanced case of Lyme disease.

Shocked that esteemed doctors and hospitals in New England all had missed this diagnosis for years, I was also relieved that I was not imagining this nightmare and a bacteria had been ransacking me. We then began re-building my damaged bodily systems as well as detoxifying my body from all the Endotoxins the organism induces. When I was strong enough we went about killing off the bacterial infection with antimicrobial herbs. In totality, it took me five years of treatment, the first year still on bed-rest.

I also had to learn how to mend a broken spirit.



Holistic Medicine At Its Finest: How I Was Able To Treat Lyme Disease Naturally

BB:  In order to cope as you struggled with this chronic illness, what resources did you turn to for advice, and were you able to treat or improve this illness holistically?

My healing success is a stunning example of holistic medicine at its finest. I never touched an antibiotic and I worked with experts that were skilled to treat Lyme disease naturally. We cured me 100%! I relied upon a team of practitioners, the lead one being a certified clinical nutritionist PhD, and an integrative medicine family physician who ran the necessary blood work and monitored my cardiovascular system and liver function as we moved along. I saw a Chinese medicine acupuncturist weekly and a homeopathic  practitioner every month.

The Premise was to get my systems working properly again so that I could handle the infection and detoxify when we addressed killing the organisms. It worked ! But, I was extremely diligent about maintaining my heavy regime a nutraceutical supplements, vital dietary changes and the advice of these practitioners.

In year two of treatments I started to learn to walk again and in year three I started swimming. These enhanced my immune function. At the practical level I had to build in a ‘helping tree’ of friends and family who would do chores for me and shuttle me to appointments as I did not drive for five years.

Emotionally, I relied on my boyfriend, my young son who was and is the light of my life, and I met a gifted spiritual healer who taught me how to pay attention to my inner being. She was a pivotal player in my life and I went on to study with her and become a certified intuitive healer.

BB:  Can you give us a list of foods that you believe contributed to turning your health around? And did you make changes in your diet that have made a big difference in living a long term healthy lifestyle?

I cut out wheat, soy and sugar totally, and still avoid them to this day. I had a diet similar to the Paleo, which was high in protein as Lyme disease gobbles up amino acids and essential fatty acids, and also I ate lots of vegetables especially the root ones, which are dense in minerals.

My adrenal glands were collapsed so we paid attention to lots of vitamin C and magnesium rich foods including low glycemic fruits. Licorice root and black currant teas. My Oriental medicine acupuncturist had me eating only cooked food for the first two years of treatment as my stomach and digestive chi was so low. Even fruits were baked.

I do not eat big portions to this day and refuel every three hours to maintain even blood sugar.



BB:  As a holistic healthcare practitioner, what are some of your favorite tips for maintaining health that you can share with us?

Slow down, find your center and make sure you laugh every day. Eat organic!

The current American culture is very accelerated and externalized. We reach for sources outside of ourselves for all forms of care and nurturance. Too much is consumer based. Our grandparents were healthier than we are because they ate local, only what was in season and not processed. They took time off on Sundays and all had a hobby that they enjoyed: cards, an instrument or sewing. They knew how to find a place of stillness. Most of us do not.

To be healthy we need time for peace reflection, as well as nurturance of our spirit. Nature and beauty and music or anything that stirs your heart will suffice.

BB:  How do you maintain a Balanced Babe lifestyle?

Daily exercise, excellent nutrition, faithful meditation, regular acupuncture and bodywork, and of course socializing and dancing.

I am a very hard worker and as a creative I can get involved in too many endeavors or projects.  For me it is essential that I exercise every day: swimming, dancing and yoga are my favorites. I also must have 20 minutes of meditation daily to keep my mental process clear and unload stress.

Though I cherish quiet time, I am an extrovert, so socializing with friends and meeting new people are great forms of energy renewal for me. Time with my family is very grounding as well as my gardens.


BB: What’s next for you? Any major goals you’d like to accomplish in the next year?

My primary goal is to live in balance, as I travel so much with 145 presentations in four years time! Carving out that 90 minutes for me every day is key. As for worldly goals, I would like to see my self healing and empowerment INNER EDEN workshop series become a staple in everyone’s life. I know I can teach people how to re-calibrate and claim their inner healer.

I look forward to collaborating with some truly gifted  healers from other cultures of the world. I have seen myself circling the globe, bringing resources and my healing energy to far away places. Because I nearly died to Lyme disease but have been given a second opportunity at life, I take nothing for granted. I feel honored to walk my path and share with those in need. I meet many amazing people. I feel blessed. Namaste.


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  • heatchap , Direct link to comment
    Did you have a weakened immune system? Was mold an issue & if so, how did you handle it? Thanks so much for sharing hope! Any tips on how to gain weight?
  • Melissa Ryan , Direct link to comment
    Hi- Per the comment above...I too would like to know about any fungal infections throughout your body,if you had any. Your story sounds almost exactly what I'm going through,although I have some other issues as well. (Skin,scalp/hair loss(tick was on my scalp) & more. Gosh I would love to talk with you personally for I am withering away & completely terrified!!!! I hope I can make it through this & not have whatever this is end my life. Thank you for your uplifting/inspiring journey.

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