New Years Resolutions and Motivational Ideas


Each year we make resolutions to live a healthier lifestyle or to spend more time with family. Yet somehow a month in, those resolutions seem very complicated to maintain alongside the rest of our life’s responsibilities and we end up feeling discouraged.

One obstacle people come across is trying to make big changes and wanting change now. If you are trying to drop 7 pounds and have only lost 2 in the first week, don’t get frustrated, just keep moving forward with healthy lifestyle additions to your routine and you will get there.

Another set back people face is giving up completely after a failure. If anyone knows this is nonsense, it’s me. I’ve tried multiple times (somewhere around seven) to quit smoking for a year straight, and it wasn’t until recently that my last and final attempt has really worked. I’ve experienced zero cravings for months.

Long story short, if you try to cut down on processed foods and slip up, don’t beat yourself up. Let that failure motivate you to be stronger the next time you are tempted to reach for the bag of chips.

With all this said, I’ve put together some motivational articles that has inspired some of my New Year’s resolutions, and I hope they will also inspire you to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle in 2014!


How to make the best out of attaining your goals. (

Financial resolutions that work. (

Need some help on sticking to your resolutions? There’s an app for that. (

Beat those winter blues to keep yourself on the right track for positive change. (

If you are feeling overwhelmed with new responsibilities this coming year, utilize these tricks to chill out. (


 I wish everyone a thriving and successful 2014! This is a new year and new opportunity to experience new places, new cultures and to make many goals towards personal growth and happiness! 









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