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If you follow me on Facebook, you know that I’ve already been preparing for New Year’s Eve with a four day juice cleanse, high intensity classes at Equinox, and nightly epsom salt baths. I think now is also the perfect time to write down my new years resolutions for 2016!

I’ve decided to wear white for the glitzy New Year’s Eve bash at the Public Hotel (you can still join me if you wish!), so I’m making sure I’m looking slim and trim for this special event. 

As I’m planning this week of meals + juices (cause we all know I never do straight up week long juice fasts), I’m also starting to think of the resolutions that I want to make for 2016. 

I believe we can all inspire each other, so I’m sharing some of my goals with you in hopes that you will get motivated to take on some of these intentions as well! We can go into 2016 together on the journey of leading the Balanced Babe lifestyle – let’s do this! 

I’m categorizing my new years resolutions into wellness and career. I’m not including any personal resolutions, or else they wouldn’t be personal. So cheers to a prosperous, healthy, and successful new year babes!

healthy resolutions 2016


Wellness Resolutions for 2016

 1: To be more intuitive with my eating habits and let myself indulge within moderation when I’m feeling cravings. Gone are the days of strict eating plans and diets. Now is the time to listen to your unique body and what it’s telling you. This is especially important for women as we have our monthly hormonal cycle that does dictate what we consume and what best supports us. So try listening to yourself and what you need. Always remember that there are healthy alternatives to all cravings!

2: To eat at least 2 big, nutrient dense, salads a day. This will ensure that I am absorbing nutrients that I need to prevent illness. You can never go wrong with more veggies and your body will thank you! This can also leave room for a special night time snack at the end of the day. 

3: To meditate at least 15 minutes a day. This will not only center me for the day, it will help me clear and organize my thoughts for maximum productivity.

4: To maintain a workout schedule of 5 days a week. I personally am most motivated when I’m in group workout classes that are high intensity. Any sort of movement 5 days a week will be sure to show circulation improvement, mental well-being and all over wellness. If you’re a beginner in the fitness world, start by going for walks 5 days a week and reap the benefits. 

5: Set intentions of how my day will go each morning. This means setting intentions for how I will spend my time (less social media), how I will nourish my body (what foods best support me), and who I spend my time with (seeking out people who lift me up). 

6: To de-clutter my space, and to make more of an effort to maintain my home as my sanctuary. Since I’m constantly on the go, or always creating something within my brand, I tend to put the organization and care of my living space last. THIS year, I’m going to set an intention to minimize clutter and feng shui the heck out of my home!

7: Maintain an 80% plant-based diet. I already do this, but with changing seasons and lifestyles my diet does change. You can make small steps to being more plant based like consuming more nut milks instead of dairy, finding cheese alternatives at health food stores, and making veggie spaghetti instead of wheat spaghetti. There’s a plethora of plant-based recipes in our archives for you to try, and simple steps can lead to big results! 



 Career Resolutions for 2016

1: Organize all of my projects, events, and priorities for the next year. This means to get my planner and calendar out and write out my major timelines to meet deadlines and make it clear when my major events and workshops are happening, so that I can plan around my big picture goals. 

2: Focus on video content. No matter what type of industry you are in, video content is becoming more and more popular for marketing purposes in the digital world. This can include webinars, tutorials, cooking demos and so much more. You will be sure to see new content from us this coming year!

3: Create 1 new major business relationships or strategic partnership a month. This may be a big goal for me, but remember, anything you put your mind to you can achieve! I think any entrepreneur can benefit from setting this goal for herself/himself. When you are in the process of growing your business, strategic partnerships are crucial. Not only can you and your partner leverage from each others strengths, you can bring even more value to your demographic or audience through partnering with the right people and brands. 

4: Maintain the Balanced Babe lifestyle. Obviously you know this would be one of my number 1 resolutions! Last year, I was so focused on creating big events (our BeHealthful Retreat) that I was so consumed with bringing holistic resources to the Chicago community, that I completely neglected my own well-being and needs. The Balanced Babe lifestyle is obviously all about balance. Balancing work and wellness, career growth and personal growth, indulgences and mindful eating. Our lifestyle is about maintaining balance but in a completely approachable and realistic way. A Balanced Babe is human (meaning we aren’t striving for perfection here), and doesn’t always get things right. Sometimes she falls off the band-wagon with healthy eating, but pats herself on the shoulder and reassures herself that it is a part of the process of leading an enriched life. 

So with every intent and resolution that you set for yourself this year, use the Balanced Babe approach of achieving all of your wildest dreams. Let yourself make mistakes, try different ways of eating well, put yourself first when it comes to what you want your future to look like. Always ask yourself how every choice you make will impact your life (good and bad) and make sure that there is always room each day for YOU (self-care, meditation, relationships). 

With that said, I want to know what all of our readers resolutions are for 2016! Share with me in the comments below and let’s motivate each other for a balanced new year! 

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