Rosemary Beets and Celery Root Puree



A lot of people confuse celery root with plain old celery, but let me tell you, it’s completely different and makes a perfect puree. This root has many natural therapeutic properties; it is antiseptic, calming, stimulates the metabolic system and aids in the fat burning process. It is packed with Vitamins A, C, E, K,  which are excellent antioxidants and beauty boosters and picks up many minerals from the soil.

I love making celery root puree in lieu of comforting foods like mashed potatoes. The recipe I whip up is ultra creamy, rich and extremely satisfying. If you think about all the beauty boosting properties found in celery root, it will be hard to  go back to high carb and fattening mashed potato recipes.

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celery root

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 When I was young I would go days living off of only mashed potatoes (I was obsessed), so I’ve found many healthy substitutions to make so that I can still enjoy the same consistency and similar flavor. Keep an eye out for another “mashed” recipe in the near future, you wont want to miss it! 

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