How To Manage The Stress of New Years Resolutions + No Bake Vegan Energy Bars

Take it easy this week and make these no bake vegan energy bars!

no-bake vegan oat bars

It’s a New Year which means a whole 365 days of new and exciting opportunities. I always love starting my year off with reflection, planning, and organizing my household, business plans, and lifestyle goals. 

I know a lot of us like to take action right away on our resolutions. Sprinting to the gym, trying new lifestyle choices, or feeling that urgency to complete a new task. For some of us, this puts expectations on ourselves and an urgency that we have to act a certain way or live a certain way by X date. 

Does anyone get anxiety just thinking of all these “new” things we need to accomplish? I know I do.

That is why I’m taking this week to somewhat ease into my new routine. The past two weeks of holiday’s felt somewhat like a whirlwind of events and gatherings, that many of us (me included) never took an actual breather to look inward and care for our own inner guide. 

So this week, I’m letting myself “slip up”, and acknowledging that I may not have met all of my deadlines that I gave myself (for work and wellness) to start 2016 with new intentions, and that’s OK. 

If you feel a bit frazzled just thinking of all these new goals you set for yourself, maybe you need to take this week to reflect as well. 

Try this tip to help manage the stresses of New Years resolutions. This week, ease into your new routine to help yourself feel less anxiety for all these resolutions that you may feel you have to accomplish. When I say ease into it, I mean take baby steps vs. diving in head first. For me, I’m doing my own mind/body cleanse to reset my mindset. Juicing, journaling, planning, organizing, relaxing, and not pushing myself too hard with work (which means only scheduling one day of meetings – I mean  I can’t take a whole week off!).

So try this yourself this week: try picking 1 priority to focus on each day, instead of trying to create time to work on 3 priorities a day. At the end of the week, see if this helped you complete more of your projects (whatever they may be). Maybe you will find that you were more productive if you just zeroed in on one goal a day. 

With that said, I’m also making an intention to prepare more meals and recipes in bulk at the beginning of each week so that I can spend more time on other tasks. So this week I’ve made no-bake vegan energy bars that are easy to take on-the-go, nutrient dense, and are packed with satisfying yet healthy ingredients. 

Make these energy bars if you’ll be on the run this week too. You never know, it could save you from making that last minute run to a fast food chain. 

No-Bake Vegan Energy Bars


You can store these bars into your fridge for about a week. I like throwing them into my lunch bag with my nut milks and juices when I’m out on meetings. 

Do you have any of your own energy bar recipes? Share them below! 

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