Prepare for Some Serious Deep Sleep After This Holistic Massage

After the holidays we are left feeling groggy, sluggish, plump, and clogged up. It sounds gross, but let’s be real, it happens. Now is the time to clear up those blockages and kick the stresses of the holidays to the curb. Chicagoan’s are lining up at the registration tables at gyms, are whipping out their juicers, and are writing down their goals to accomplish for the year ahead.

The thought of a new year and new projects can be exciting but also a bit stressful (the good kind) as well, so I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say that with the blend of new year excitement and holiday adrenal fatigue, a massage is needed. A post holiday massage should not just be any old regular massage either, it should remove blockages and tension in our bodies after a slew of family gatherings. It should promote such a deep relaxation that we have completely melted away last years stress in the post shower.

This is exactly what happened when I frolicked on in to the Ritz Carlton Spa to get my deep sleep massage. I was greeted by two very charming gals who showed me my way to the changing area and handed me a robe, slippers, and lemon water (which is the cherry on top!). I was then directed to the massage room where I was greeted by an extremely warm and smiling masseuse who looks like she would definitely be a master massage therapist. Calm, welcoming but with a firm handshake.

The massage started with a whiff of some lavender essential oils, and I was then immediately whisked away into la la land. An hour later I snapped out of my daze and was on my way, and boy did I feel relaxed. This massage was extra special and different than the average deep massage in more ways than one; the masseuse used  lomi lomi and ayurvedic techniques to assist in achieving a deep sleep, she focused on unblocking the meridians in my body so that energy flowed freely from within, she explained that she was also using techniques to balance my chakras for renewal and a feeling of balance.

I’m not even fibbing when I say that I left feeling balanced, detoxed, revitalized, relaxed, and pampered. I even left with my own bag of bath salts and tea (guests receive theirs in their room). I would absolutely recommend a holistic massage here next time you really want to increase your pamper levels. The Ritz Carlton also only allows these massages to be scheduled after 4pm because it puts guests into such a relaxed state. The perfect spa service to ring in the New Year!

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