Quick Natural Tips for Healthy Hair

How do we get voluptuous, shiny locks and keep them?  Healthy hair is the result of taking care of our scalp, where the hair follicles originate; and taking care of the hair we’ve already grown (the hair shaft) that is exposed to the elements.
Stimulating the scalp and distributing your natural oils seems to be a good thing but most hair experts don’t advocate the old wives’ tale of  brushing “100 strokes” a day.   One hundred years ago, brushing the hair to that extreme was done because women didn’t wash their hair more than once a week and they wanted to unclog the natural oils that were building up on their scalp.

Nowadays it’s not uncommon for women to wash their hair once a day, or every other day.  I personally try NOT to wash my hair every day. I find this easier in the winter months when the indoor air is heated and dry.  Summertime will depend on the weather and whether I’m in it! I wrote a short piece about the no-poo method here (try going a month without washing!).   In emergencies, I’ve been known to use corn starch or baby powder as a dry shampoo.
Foods for Healthy Hair: 
First off,  don’t shampoo your hair too much.  Secondly, healthy hair starts with healthy foods we feed our bodies. All greens & veggies, with their vitamins and minerals, are great for the hair!  I eat lots of spinach, and swiss chard is also tasty. Really ladies, just about any healthy food contributes to healthy hair! 
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Holistic Hair Treatments:
And thirdly, topical natural remedies that can be soaked into our scalp or hair follicles may add to our hair health.  There’s such a vast menu of holistic hair treatments, but I’m just going to mention a few that I experiment with. When applying any hair treatment, massaging the scalp is an important step.
You can try mixing and matching any of these for a hair treatment:   Aloe Vera (gel), almond oil, whole egg, yogurt, coconut oil, ripe banana.  First shampoo hair & rinse, then take a few minutes to massage any combination of the above into the scalp and through the hair.  Leave on for ten minutes and rinse.   I then lightly shampoo and rinse again. This is a ritual for me at least every two weeks. If you’re just starting out, I’d recommend the combo of coconut oil and banana. If your scalp tends to be oily, then use lemon juice in your mix, limit the topical oils on the scalp, or do an apple cider vinegar rinse.  Experiment with what works for you!
Stress and Hair: 
Lastly, stress can play a role in the health of our hair. If you’re stressed out and turning to cigarettes, this also interferes with circulation which is not contributing to a healthy scalp, not to mention that it makes your hair stink!  So watch your stress levels by getting adequate sleep, drink your water, don’t smoke, aim for balance, and find joy in living in the moment.

 What are your holistic remedies for healthy hair? Share with me!

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