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I love the feeling of being pampered and rejuvenated, all while feeling good about using non-toxic, organic products on my skin!  So needless to say,  I was ecstatic when I received a box of beauty goodies from Beau*Tea*Bar.  I love this company’s humorous and inspiring take on how to live life!   On their “About Us” page, here’s a sampling: 
“We want to savor pricey cocktails in a trendy club and sip organic green juice before a morning yoga session. 
We want to change the world and have a Balenciaga purse. (Or four).
We want to suck the sweet nectar out of life and be fabulously healthy and sexy ladies who manage not to gain weight as we age.
Now, let’s get down to their products. While enjoying a cup of their “Bluebird Morning” herbal tea (yes, they do carry herbal tea blends), I applied the Bohemia Verde Hair Elixir to my damp hair before drying.  The scent of jasmine and rose geranium essential oils was heavenly.  These essential oils along with the nutritive oils including argan, avocado and coconut made my hair so soft and added a nice luster.
I then applied a coat of their non-toxic “Ginger” colored nail polish.  Nice color and I felt very good about the non-toxic part!  And before I headed out the door, I applied scent from the Melange Solid Fragrance Palette to my wrists.   I went for the jasmine & pink grapefruit since it was daytime.  
The next evening I applied the ylang ylang & patchouli scent and they were both wonderful.  You can also mix and match the four fragrance palettes and experiment!  
Doesn’t this just inspire you to drop what you are doing and indulge in a 5 hour spa day? I know, me too.  As always, I’m hosting a special giveaway compliments of  Beau*Tea*Bar,  so that one of you can indulge in your mini spa day too.  Beau*Tea*Bar is giving away a gift certificate valued at $50 to one of my lucky readers!   The giveaway will end next Wednesday the 10th at 11:59pm, and I will contact the winner the next evening! Terms and conditions are listed in the Rafflecopter widget.  Good luck!

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Disclaimer: Bea*Tea*bar sent me complimentary beauty samples to review. All writings and opinions are my own.

21 comments on “Win it Wednesday:

  • Ashlee Castillo , Direct link to comment
    I have stumbled upon the idea of non toxic nail polish and I am glad I was reintroduced to the idea! I have to check them out ASAP, great post!
  • Amy , Direct link to comment
    Have you tried any of W3ll People's products? The make-up is fantastic. I have melasma and am always looking for suggestions.
  • Angie Jerde , Direct link to comment
    My friends, coworkers and I have been into natural oils and truly believe in them! I've been trying to use them for over all health and in place of medications. I have also been interested in anti-animal testing products : ) These products look great, thanks for the giveaway!
  • Michaelle , Direct link to comment
    Love this post so much! We can be fabulously chic, stylish as well as caring about what we put in and on our bodies! The days of having to choose between the two are long gone! It's a whole new generation Eco hippie chic!
  • Melanie Conway , Direct link to comment
    I have heard that using Hemp Seed Oil is good for acne- do you know anything more about this?
    • balancedbabe , Direct link to comment
      We will start on some research for hemp seed oil and will post our findings soon!
  • Katie , Direct link to comment
    I'm new to any sort of serious makeup or skin care, so I'm excited to learn anything I can and really expand my knowledge of the best natural products. In particular, I'm curious about how best to care for skin that is in general pretty good (infrequent breakouts and a healthy/manageable amount of natural oils). Are there things I can do to make my skin even better or should I just leave it alone let the natural equilibrium do its thing?
  • Marissa , Direct link to comment
    @Katie... Marissa from BeauTeaBar here. How lucky are you? Most of us find our way into the "green beauty" world after countless skin problems and few solutions. If you have naturally beautiful skin then I wouldn't recommend anything drastic at all! However, there are always opportunities to treat our skin kinder and help nurture it with really clean products that make you absolutely glow!
  • Bonnie Day , Direct link to comment
    I would like to know about non toxic ways to remove nail polish also about the nail cover ups are any of them natural and nontoxic
  • ali , Direct link to comment
    natural skin care products and non toxic nail polish and nail polish removers.
  • Rebekah , Direct link to comment
    I am just beginning to learn about the use of oils in skincare. As a longterm subscriber to the idea that oil=bad, it is a whole new way of thinking about my face.

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