Simplify Your Life: 3 Ways to Keep It Simple


Start today with these 3 ways to help simplify your life and allow time for more important pursuits.  Consider these mini tune-ups that help us rid ourselves of the things that don’t  contribute to our happiness and well-being, and adding those that do.

Next time you’re trying to decide whether to keep something  because “someday” you might need it, which would be easier? Replace it, or maintain it?  Most often, it’s not worth the time, trouble and space taken to keep something you never use.  Decluttering will give you a mind boost on so many levels!


Every few months clear your calendar for the weekend. That means zero commitments.  Just veg out, watch old movies, start a mini-detox, take naps, take walks, revisit your goals, read that book you’ve been putting aside, get in your car and head out to where the road takes you ….just BE.


Try turning off the TV for a few days. You won’t miss the mostly negative news and constant chatter.  Replace it with quality time reading, listening to music and catching up on other things that you generally neglect.   According to the Journal of the American Heart Association, if you’re watching more than three hours of TV daily, your risk of premature death is two times higher….that’s right TWO TIMES higher than those who watch an hour or less.


So my Balanced Babe’s, try these three simple and actionable tasks these days to simplify your life and calm your mental well-being. Share your ways that you simplify your life with us and we can post them in a future article!

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