Superfood Spotlight: Neem Oil


If some of you don’t already know, I am honored to be included as a guest health expert blogger on I’m going to be sharing some awesome articles on women’s wellness that include recipes, holistic health articles, wellness posts and more! Because my articles on Women’s Forum are different than the articles I post here, I can share them with you on Balanced Babe. For example, my article on Neem Oil! 


    I am undoubtedly obsessed with oils. I use coconut oil as a hair mask and all over moisturizer, I use hemp oil on my salads, I use essential oils for aromatherapy, and I use vitamin E oil on my face.. I pretty much use oils every day in one way or another. I came across neem oil and was completely unfamiliar with it’s background, so I did some sleuthing. To paraphrase it’s benefits, neem oil:

  • Contains antioxidants and fatty acids which some believe fights inflammation.
  • Neem oil is bragged as a cure-all for all sorts of antiviral, fungal and bacterial issues
  • Can be applied on the skin to prevent acne and eczema
  • Can be applied on the head to prevent head lice
  • Some believe that neem oil can also repel bugs

If you want to read some more ways that we can use Neem oil, you can check out my article on Women’s Forum. I also talk about medical opinions on Neem oil and if this is all just hype surrounding another popular super food. Check it out! 

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