Tanning Drops: How To Use This New Trending Beauty Product

We all want to be tan without having to risk the health of our skin from UV damage, but we all don’t like the very distinct smell it leaves behind on our skin. Enter: tanning drops!

Tanning drops are all natural, vegan (this depends on the brand) and you are either 100% for using self tanning products, or 100% against it. When it comes to tanning drops, goals of achieving a sunless tan without streaks and strange smells can definitely be achieved.

Tanning Drop Benefits

What I love most about using tanning drops is that you can control over everything about the application process like color and intensity. By increasing or decreasing the amount of drops you add to your moisturizer or body oil, the darker or lighter your glow will be. Many brands also have varying “Shades” of drops that cater to light, medium, and dark skin tones so there is not one tan lotion for all tones. The fact that these drops also blend in with your face or body moisturizer also prevents streaks and lines since the drops are clear and infuse seamlessly into moisturizers.

Using tanning drops also have beauty benefits too! The average self-tanning mouse or lotion can be very drying on the skin and is chalk full of chemicals, but most tanning drops are infused with vitamins and flower oils to help hydrate and calm your skin. Various brands infuse their drops with aloe vera oils, vitamins C and A, and even extra moisturizing ingredients like vitamin E oil and in some cases coconut and chia seed oil. These added ingredients help your skin hold onto the color longer than traditional self-tanning products would as it ensures your skin is moisturized. Most tanning drop brands are also vegan and cruelty free meaning that they aren’t tested on animals, and they are usually low pH meaning that they don’t alter the pH (acidity) of your skin which can lead to redness and blemishes.

How Tanning Drops Work

Tanning drops use organic compounds that transform your skin into a natural darker tone that would appear as if you laid out in the sun. They are not created by the same chemicals as regular self-tanning products, and they don’t have those smelly chemicals.

All you do is add anywhere between 1-12 drops (depending on how deep you’d like your color) in with your facial or body moisturizer and apply your moisturizer as you regularly would. You don’t need to use self-tanning gloves, all you need to do is wash your hands afterwards. When I use them, they last about 3 to 4 days (I suggest not using any sort of acids on your face like glycolic, malic, AHA or BHA if you want it to last long), and then you can repeat the tanning process!

If you want to know what brand tanning drops I use, you can take a peek at the instagram post about it here!

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