The Art of Manifestation with Steffani Fort Lefevour: VIDEO


If there is one thing that I am dying to master, it’s the art of manifestation. There are times when I have self-doubt, or I start to think negatively which can spiral into constant worrying (which I also sometimes do). Manifesting what you want and need not only helps you practice positive thinking, it can actually GET you what you want. Can you believe it?! 

With that said – this weeks webinar for our 2nd Annual BeHealthful Retreat features one of our personal growth panelists, Steffani Fort Lefevour, and her tips for manifesting what you want TODAY, and much much more. 

Steffani Fort LeFevour is an actress, a fitness specialist and an expert in the law of attraction and living your best life. She has been teaching the law of attraction to kids and adults for over 10 years and applying it in her own life for over 20 years.  Steffani is also the Director of Happiness for Lifebook, the worlds most powerful personal development system. And owns her own coaching business My Happi Life to help busy women from all over the globe focus inside to shift there mindset and create more daily happiness.

 I am so excited to hear Steffani talk at our September retreat and for you all to meet her. She is a ray of sunshine and a force to be reckoned with! Our early bird tickets for only $40 end July 31st (which is right around the corner) so save your spot and join us by visiting,

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