Vegan Mushroom & Tomato Asian Soup + Tempeh Stir Fry



One of the many fascinating benefits about getting to know in depth how food breaks down and interacts with your body, is that your mindset on eating can completely change for the better. What if eating specific foods could prevent you from attaining a full blown cold or virus? What if eating specific foods helped your hair grow faster, your skin clear up, and an aging appearance halt in its tracks? Well guess what gals, this tempeh stir fry and soup recipe may do just that!

That is why you should take the time to educate yourself on real nutrition, and help yourself make the best, most mindful decisions you can when it comes to what you consume.  As a result of personally being educated on nutrition, I was able to prevent a sinus infection from laying roots in my head. We all know how excruciatingly pesky head congestion can be, and how great it feels to kick an infection to the curb before it takes over. 

I made  an Asian inspired ginger and tomato soup with stir fried veggies, and here are the stars of  the ingredient list, and how they  can help you kick a cold to the curb before it becomes full blown: 

– Ginger: Ginger is an ancient remedy to treat colds and flus. Why? Because it can help relieve congestion and it is antiviral.

– Garlic: Contains compounds that help kill off viruses that can cause earaches. 

– Tomatoes:  Can protect from cold and flu viruses from taking roots with the help of lycopene and beta carotene. 

– Mushrooms: Contain antiviral proteins that stimulate immune cells to attack bugs and viruses. 


With the help of other great ingredients like quinoa, tempeh, green beans and collard greens, this recipe will boost your immunity, and open up your nasal passages to rid yourself of any nasty germs that are trying to take your health hostage! 



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