Video: What To Look For When Choosing A Probiotic, Part 1

Hi party people.

I’m sharing a three part video series in partnership with my holistic friends over at Probulin to discuss the top three things you should keep an eye out for when shopping for probiotics!

Finding the right type of probiotic for you can be super daunting since there are new probiotic brands popping up left and right, but I’m hoping this three part educational video series will help you become just a bit more informed when you are researching brands that you can put your trust in and use in the long run.

If you’ve seen my recent articles you may already be familiar with Probulin. I’ve written a review on their probiotic skincare line, as well as why I incorporate their Women’s Health Probiotics into my routine while pregnant!

Today’s first video is all about the importance of making sure your probiotic supplement also includes prebiotics! If you have never heard of prebiotics before, do not fret! I wrote about what they are and how you can get them in food sources here, but they are especially beneficial when taken in supplement form in conjunction with your probiotic. As a quick refresher, prebiotics help your probiotics do their job by acting as a fuel source for the probiotic to function optimally, super important stuff when you are going to the trouble of supplementing with a probiotic.

As always, if you have any questions about probiotics or supplements in general feel free to comment on this post, reach out on Facebook, or leave a comment on Instagram!

Disclaimer: This video series is in partnership with Probulin. All opinions and writing is 100% my own.

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