Weekend Wellness Notes: The Best Prenatal Massage & My Current Fave Salad

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It’s mid April and STILL snowing in Chicago. Can you believe this weather?! It literally reminds me of my hormone levels right now – one day I’m relaxed and content and happy with life, the next day I’m like a wildebeest barrel house kicking everything that comes in my way. So you better believe that this past weekend was spent on extra self-care, Barre classes at Exhale Spa, a blend of healthy and indulgent eating, and unplugging from busy city life. Now that I’m in my second trimester of pregnancy I have more energy (thank you Jesus) and I spend my weekends attempting to be super productive. Also I’m pretty sure being booze free for 9 months adds some extra pep in my step on Saturdays & Sundays. I remember pre bubby boi; I’d be out for the count on the couch all weekend because of 3 glasses of wine on a Friday night. Oh how times have changed. Anyway, here’s some weekend wellness notes so that you can add these on your next Saturday to do list! 

Weekend Wellness in Chicago April 2018

Treat Yourself to a Prenatal Massage at The Trump Hotel

I experienced my first prenatal massage ever at one of the best spas in the city, The Spa At Trump. I could literally spend all day at this spa. When you arrive you’re directed to your locker in the ladies room which is stocked with a plush robe and slippers, and you’re given a mini tour of the stay. When you make a spa appointment you also have access to their gym facility and pool – so if you ever book a massage I recommend going a bit early and using their pool beforehand to get some exercise before your treatment. I changed into my spa attire and made my way to their spa lounge which has dim soft lighting, fruit infused waters and tea, healthy snacks and wellness shots. Again, make sure you come extra early so that you can take advantage of this wellness lounge (you can also relax in there post treatment),

My prenatal massage was pure bliss. You lay on your side and you’re propped up with about 4 different pillows so you literally feel like you’re laying on a cloud. The massage oil is infused with some sort of essential oil and you start and end your service with a mini aromatherapy session. The masseuse hits all your “spots” that need extra TLC while pregnant: the outer side of your thighs (because prenatal sciatica is real), your lower back, calves, shoulders, and pretty much everywhere there is extra strain because of the bowling ball growing in your tummy. I tried my hardest not to fall asleep during my massage because I wanted to experience it in its entirety but I do think I started to doze off here and there. That’s when you know you’re having a good massage, people!

Post massage I lingered in their locker room for a good hour. They have a customizable sugar scrub and body butter bar with different essential oils. I made my little concoctions and gave myself a luxurious body scrub in one of their luxurious showers. I wish I was able to use their Eucalyptus steam room or sauna, but growing a bubby boi and all prevents me from being in elevated temperatures. I then greased up with their essential oil blends to lock in even more moisture and eventually made my way home, experiencing something that felt like post vacation blues, but when you go to a spa instead. Long story short – go get a prenatal massage (or any type of massage) at The Spa at Trump. I promise you’ll feel like a Real Housewife. 

Indulge in Fresh Mozzarella & Meatballs at Gibsons Italia

You can’t have a balanced weekend without a little indulgence. Friday night happy hour was spent at Gibsons Italia munching on mozzarella with fresh avocado on toast and classic Italian meatballs. It’s definitely a spot to people watch as it gets flooded with patrons that want to be in the scene. Oh and their rooftop is opening once this April snow stops so y’all know that’s where I’ll be posting up shop all Summer. 

Grab a Banana Nut Crunch Smoothie from Freshii 

In between shopping at the 900 Shops and Water tower for my hubby’s birthday, I stopped at the Water Tower location Freshii to suck down my favorite smoothie they have there: the Banana Nut Crunch. It’s made with bananas (obvi), almonds, frozen kefir, granola, and almond milk. I always pick this up when I’m craving something sweet but want to still keep my sweet cravings on the healthy side. 

Shovel Parlor Pizza’s Kale Cobb Salad Into Your Face

If there’s one thing I love, it’s a hearty and hefty salad. Parlor Pizza Bar has one of my favorites that combines: kale, grilled chicken, blue cheese, tomatoes, avocado, and baaaacon. This is an ideal balance of healthy and indulgent. I order it every time I go there and it never disappoints!

Additional Wellness-y Things I Added to my Weekend

Indulged in a spa night by taking an epsom soak and putting on a natural fruit enzyme face efoilator.

Added some leftover, almost going bad but not quite yet avocado into my DIY face mask.

Incorporated some of these essential oils into my daily stretch mark prevention cream application.

Prevented the Sunday Scaries with this evening routine.

Main photo source: Trump Chicago


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