6 Things On My To Do List In April

From tush toning classes to switching up my “diet”, April seems to feel like that official month to create change. It’s the month that I usually get pretty serious about spring cleaning my home, my health habits, and my life in general. Perhaps its because the weather is finally starting to shape up: it’s 70 degrees today but just a few days ago it was 30 degrees and snowing, so who knows what the heck is going on but I like it! 
This month inbetween work, planning for bubby boi (the official nick name of my unborn child), and planning for our wedding, I’m spending my time working my butt off at Exhale in their Barre class, celebrating our engagement by throwing a party with close friends, and hopefully more fun activities outside! So I’m rounding up items on my to do list this month and hope that you will find some of things intriguing enough to do as well!


6 Things To Do In April

Wear florals and pastels: I feel like I wear nothing but black from the months of September-March. Obviously our clothes change as the seasons shift, and I’m SO ready to bring back out all of my floral dresses and pastel purple pants. Even though I have to shop for maternity clothes now, I still like perusing through all my favorite online shops like ASOS and Nasty Gal to get some fashion inspiration. 
barre classes
Get beach body ready with Barre classes: I recently started taking Barre classes at Exhale and am OBSESSED. Before I was pregnant I’d do more hardcore boot-camp style classes like HIIT and my beloved Barry’s, but now that my body is changing so quickly I have to switch things up and alter my workouts a bit. I’d love to get more in depth about my prenatal workouts in another post but all I’ll say now is this: If you want a tight booty, toned thighs, a good upper body workout that won’t make you toooooooo sore, then give a Barre style class a try.
smoothie bowl
Back to my daily smoothies: No one wants to eat something frozen when its already freezing outside. I’m so excited that I can start making breakfast smoothies and after dinner smoothie bowls again. I’ve especially been craving the matcha smoothie bowl I used to make all the time.
 spring clean home
Spring clean your home: I don’t know if I’m already starting to get nesting instincts but I have the urge this month to throw out everything in my home. April is the perfect month to get a head start on your spring cleaning, I especially love to do this on warmer days when I can open up my windows and let some fresh air in.
king crab house
Indulge in some REAL good seafood at King Crab House: One craving that I’m getting in particular is crab. UGH I just drool thinking about it. If you love crab as much as I do, check out King Crab House on Halsted street in Lincoln Park. It’s right near all the cute shopping spots and it’s the oldest crab house in Chicago! I had their crab bowl and was in seafood heaven. It comes with 1/2 lb king crab, 1/2 lb snow crab, and 1/2 lb dungeness crab. It’s legit, the sh*t.
 one day spring meal plan
Try a one-day spring cleaning diet: This is not a detox, but a full day of recipes that include ingredients that naturally help your body already detoxify out the sludge n’ nasty stuff that may be accumulated in your gut from winter indulgences!

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