VIDEO: One Day Meal Plan: Spring Clean That Bod!

one day spring meal plan

Spring is hereeeee! Warmer days are ahead, daylight is going to last longer, life in general is just going to be better because everyone is SICK AND TIRED of winter!

I don’t know about you but I’ve been seriously indulging ALL winter long. I mean majority of the reasons why my entire diet has just been thrown out the window is because of my pregnancy, but also because of the countless holiday gatherings and the cold as heck temperatures makes me want to eat stew instead of salad.

I’m slowly but surely starting to add more seasonal meals to my days now that the seasons are shifting yet again. I’m talking more smoothie bowls, more salads, more chilled recipes galore. With the warmer seasons approaching everyone is obviously looking to shed some extra winter weight and de-FLERF (my word for loosing that extra fluff that may or may not have accumulated on our bodies). 

I know the buzz word “detox” is still huge and not going away any time soon, but I’m still trying to show that you can eat nourishing complete meals and not starve yourself and still help your body NATURALLY detox. Our body naturally detoxifies toxins and pathogens and processed food from our system every day. The only time we need some extra help is when we are really going overboard with what we consume and our digestive system or liver may need some extra help from good ole food. NOT restriction!

So I swung by one of my favorite morning shows Windy City Live and chatted with Val and Ryan about specific foods that will help you naturally rev up your digestion, support normal fluid balance (help flush out salts and excess fluid), and will help you naturally get back to your post holiday weight gain. You can check out the video and the recipes for every single meal I talked about right hurrrrr! 

Enjoy and happy Spring! 

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