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Wish you could find something that can help de-puff your face after a sleepless night or a bowl of something salty? Or do you feel like your skin is just a tad bit lacking in the glowy/dewy/omg she looks sweaty but in a good type of way? WELP ladies and gents (gents who know the benefits of keeping their skin looking good, too), I’ve got some good news for you! Introducing: Jade Rolling.

I’ve posted about Jade Rollers on Instagram a few times and received a ton of questions about how it works, and if it’s worth it. Personally, I’ve started using one after the birth of my son when sleepless nights commenced. I mean, *literal* sleepless..nights..of sometimes 3-4 hours total throughout the night. Yup – you bet I’ll try anything on my face to transform myself from looking like one of the members from “The Gorillaz”, to looking…normal. (pic for reference. Flashback early 2000 teenage angst feeeeelz.)

Anyways let’s talk about Jade Rollers now. It’s a total beauty trend and for good reason.

What is a Jade Roller?

Jade rollers are made of, you guessed it, solid jade stone. There’s a large and a small one at opposite ends of what looks like a little paint brush made for mice (and the stick is made of jade as well). They aren’t anything new though. They’ve been around the block since ancient times. Originally used by high class members in China (alll the way back to before he 17th century), it was recognized as a stone that represents eternal youth by removing toxins built up in your skin, freeing stagnant energy (Qi), and a bunch of other benefits that I’m going to get to in a minute.

The benefits of using a Jade Roller

— Decrease puffiness in the face. This is the NUMBER ONE benefit. Since using it regularly, I notice that it truly does reduce puffiness under my eyes and around my jaw. It can help add more definition to your jaw and cheekbones and it does this because of the cooling properties that the jade stone already has. To take this up a notch you can store it in your fridge for an extra dose of skin tightening coolness. I use it especially when I’ve had a night out and I’m feeling puffy from booze n’ food, or after a long flight.

— Improves circulation and blood flow. When you are giving your face some TLC with a jade roller, you’re naturally stimulating blood flow and circulation in your face. This can help reduce redness, inflammation, and give your skin an even complexion and natural glow.

— Helps release tension (which can lead to wrinkles!). I’m not sure about you but when I’m focused on something, I tend to furrow my brows. In general, our facial muscles can hold on to tension (especially if you’re an expressive person). This tension can cause fine lines between your brow and on your forehead, and the jade roller can iron all this sh*t out! By giving yourself a face massage via a jade roller, you’re eliminating that muscle tension and also stimulating the lymphatic system. More on that below!

— Stimulates lymphatic drainage. I LOVE talking about the lymphatic system. It really gets me going. I even have a video tutorial about how to give yourself a lymphatic drainage massage with one of my favorite beauty guru’s Leah Chavie HERE! Using a jade roller can do the same thing too. By gently massaging your neck and face, you are stimulating lymphatic drainage around your face and neck. This helps your body cleanse itself of stuck toxins that build up in the lymphatic system which in turn reduces puffiness in addition to many other health benefits, like feeling energized!

— You can use it over your favorite sheet mask. This is one of my favorite benefits of using a jade roller. It is a beautiful addition to your beauty routine because it can help your beauty products really penetrate your skin. What I love to do is store my jade roller in my fridge, and then pull it out when I’m ready to put on my face serum or when I’m using a sheet mask that you massage into your skin after you pull off the sheet. By massaging the serum with a jade roller, you’re helping the product soak deeper into your skin. PLUS the chilliness really perks and wakes you up in the morning (just what a sleep deprived mama needs).

How to use a jade roller

First, you wash your face and apply a serum or mask of your choice. When I’m using a mask I’ll add it to my neck and chest as well. Once the mask or serum is applied, you take the jade roller and use the smaller roller around your eyes and forehead first moving outwards towards your hairline. Then you can use the larger roller to “sculpt” your face again moving outward on your cheeks and jawline. Then you can gently roll down your neck and around your chest to stimulate more lymphatic drainage. Gentle quick strokes that are back and fourth does the job. When I’m using it on my face I also make sure that I’m rolling upwards because you want to lift your face instead of pulling it downwards. You really don’t have to spend a ton of time rolling either. It could take only a minute, but if you love the feeling you can roll out the puffs for 5 minutes, multiple times a day!

Once you are done using your jade roller, make sure you clean it with warm soapy water and then store it back in your fridge. As with everything that touches your face, you want it to be clean clean clean!! If you like learning about the benefits of jade rolling and want to learn about other cool holistic tips and tricks, be sure to head over to Instagram where you’ll get extra daily doses of education!


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