How To Clear The Energy In Your Home

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Space clearing is something I’ve been studying extensively lately. I’ve been learning about the law of vibration, law of attraction, and how the energy of our surroundings has a profound impact on our physical and mental health. 

When you feel good, good things seem to come your way and when you’re always feeling crummy, nothing ever seems to be going right. That’s law of attraction in a super tiny nutshell – what you think you bring your way.

I’ve also been studying different practices of feng shui and how our home carries energy and how the energy in our space can either help us thrive or hold us back. When you declutter your home or use feng shui practices, you are allowing energy (or chi is what it’s called in feng shui) the opportunity to move freely and those who practice it seem to feel more uplifted, centered and motivated. Space clearing is the tool that I’m all about these days especially since we just moved. Space clearing is a way to break down stagnant or stuck energy in your home and when you do this, you are creating a clean slate not only in your home but a new expanse for good to come your way in your life.

Think of space clearing as another form of decluttering. This method declutters your home and your life. Now that various holistic health practices are going mainstream, I’m getting so uber excited to share all these extra woo woo things with you. I noticed lately that Whole Foods even has space clearing tools in their home/beauty area like crystals, sage sticks, tibetan bowls and all sorts of good energy lifting tools.

You can use space clearing when you are moving into a new home, or when you are feeling a bit stuck or down and out in your own life. I love space clearing when I find myself in not so fun situations so that I can clear out any bad vibes that are sent my way. If you’re feeling like you’re in a rut and not motivated or your creative tank is empty, space clearing can give you that extra “perk me up” to start fresh.

Here is a starters guide to space clearing the energy in your home:

I’m drawn to everything feng shui lately and love that it ties together cleaning/decluttering/and tidying up your home to your energetic field.

+ A good spring cleaning always starts you off on the right foot to instantly lift your energy levels and your mood. Vacuum, dust, put away clutter, and clean surfaces.

+ Burn some sage. I’m seeing sage and sandalwood all over the place lately. Did you know that it was used by Native Americans for sacred rituals and cleansing? When it comes to your energetic field, aura, and all that goodness, it is said to clear out any negative energy and creating a neutral space for you to become clearheaded and intuitive.

Wondering how to burn sage? All you need to do is light it up until it starts smoking and walk through your space. You’ll want to “smudge” as they call it or let the smoke billow up the walls and corners of all your rooms, especially windows and doorways since a lot of energy comes and goes through these spaces. Small spaces where energy can get “stuck” is important to smudge too, like closets and bathrooms.

+ Don’t like the smell of sage? Try burning Palo Santo instead. This wood comes from South America and has a sweeter smell than sage that according to energy healers, clears out energy in your space but keeps the good vibes flowing.

+ Use essential oil sprays. If you need a quick refresh of your home, I love making essential oil sprays to instantly lift the mood and vibe in my home. There are a ton of essential oils that are known to protect and clear your energetic field. You want to make sure you are buying authentic essential oils that are labeled as therapeutic grade, as a lot of oils are extremely watered down. There are many essential oil shops that carry sprays or rollers, but you can also make your own by simply mixing it together with a bit of distilled water and vegetable glycerin.

+ Turn on your Himalayan salt lamps.  I’ve spoken to a lot of my holistic friends who use sea salt in bowls placed in corners of their home to cleanse the energy in their home, but you can also use himalayan salt lamps on the regular! You know how much I love my salt lamps, a link to an article talking all about it is in this heading.

+ Bring more flowers and plants into your home. Plants and flowers and anything from nature have a naturally high vibration since they are too, living things. I love adding them to my space when I want to make the vibes positive as they also cleanse the air (which is extra important if you live in a dense urban setting like we do).

When you declutter your home and clear the energetic space around you, magic happens. You may feel more productive, your creative juices may start to flow freely, anxiety and stress may decrease as you take in your clear surroundings, and you’ll become more consciously aware of yourself and your surroundings. I hope you love these space clearing techniques, and if you try any – be sure to tag me on Instagram so I can share with the community!

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  • Chelsy | SpiritSoul.Me , Direct link to comment
    I absolutely love smudging! I've looked into the science, which I can buy - but even if I didn't, I love the way my space smells and feels after a good smudging. Thanks for this post!

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